Point of Divergence

In 1935 a group of democratic Imperial Japanese officers launch a coup d'état against the militarist government of Japan. They assassinate a few leading officials and finally capturing and executing Hideki Tojo. Emperor Hirohito decides to negotiate with the conspirators and sets up a representative democracy. After the successful coup, Japanese troops are withdrawn from Manchuria and peace negotiations are made with China, the Second Sino-Japanese War never happens. Japan also signs a treaty with the United States promising not to invade any other countries. The February 26 incident still fails and the surviving conspirators behind the incident are tried and executed.

World War II

After Germany takes most of Europe, Hitler encourages Spain to the join the war, promising Morocco. Franco accepts and declares war on the Allies. By mid 1941 the Allies are pushed from Africa to the Middle East by Axis Forces. German forces capture Moscow before winter forcing the Soviets to surrender with Stalin being executed afterwords. The United States and Japan send supplies to Allied forces but do not engage in any combat. Hitler puts Operation Sea Lion on hold to focus on fighting Allied forces in the Middle East.

Japan enters war

On June 19th, 1941 Japan invades French Indochina, which causes Germany to declare war on Japan. In two months after the invasion, Vichy forces surrender and Indochina becomes an Allied base of operations. Japan engages in Naval warfare in the Indian Ocean with Axis forces who are trying to stop trade between Japan and Britain. As Germans begin to move into the Urals and into Asia, both Chinese nationalists and communists declare war on the Axis powers.

American Entry

Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco meet discuss how to cripple the Allied war effort and they decide to destroy any ships heading to Britain. On March 11th, 1942 an American Cruise ship is sunk by German Submarines killing many civilians. The next day the United States declares war on the Axis powers. After war was declared Roosevelt orders the navy to transfer half the Pacific fleet to the Atlantic to combat submarines.

Invasion of India

Axis Forces push the Allies into India by using captured Middle Eastern oil by early 1943. On April 14th, 1943 Axis forces invade India. The Allies are now on the brick of losing the war, with German, Italian, and Spanish forces outnumber British Commonwealth forces in India and Chinese forces trying hold German forces at the Russian-Chinese border. The Allied leaders Roosevelt, Churchill, and others including Hirohito meet in Hong Kong to discuss how to defeat the Axis. They conclude that Japanese troops will be sent to both India and China, while the U.S. will provide naval and air support.

Turning Point

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