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This is the story of Aruva and her people. A country saved from complete annihilation by a mysterious event. Aruva found itself displaced in time trying to survive on new and unfamiliar grounds.

The Republic of Aruva

The Republic of Aruva was once a small country in the north western part of the Venezuelan region. Aruva had a population of one million and an army numbering 150,000 men. Aruva was geographically isolated, surrounded on all sides by the Taran Empire.

  • History: The Republic of Aruva began as a colony of the Kingdom of Brittany. After Brittany was defeated in The War Of The Hearts in 1889 The Colonial Region Of Aruva realized Brittany was weak and was unable to control rebellions that flared up in other of her colonies. Aruva quickly decided to declare its independence on the 2nd of February 1890. Brittany, unable to stop the rebellion, decided to release the colony and armed conflict between the two countries was avoided. Aruva had friendly relations with all of her neighboring countries except with Tara. Tara tried to gain control of resource-rich Aruva during The War Of The Hearts but failed. These events caused tension between Aruva and Tara.
  • The Post-Colonial Wars: In 1898 Tara and her allies declared war on the South American Alliance. Tara was much stronger then her neighbors, won the war after four years of fighting and after suffering 650,000 casualties. At the end of the war Aruva, which did not participate in the war, found itself completely surrounded by Tara after all of Aruva's neighbors were annexed by the newly formed Taran Empire. Tara, who did not forget the failed attempt at Aruvan annexation, declared Aruva as an enemy of the empire.
  • Tara-Aruvan War Preparations: It was clear to the Aruvan people that Tara will sooner or later invade Aruva. Tara was at the time busy rebuilding its newly conquered provinces was considered to be in no shape to invade Aruva for at least 10 years, Yet the Taran invasion was always a possibility the Aruvan leaders were constantly preparing for. In the 1920's Aruva invested 30% of its budget to prepare for a war they were sure will come. They invested a lot of time and money to fortifying the borders of Aruva and its capital city Polto Bay. Aruva also invested a lot of time developing new weapons such as the Plane,Tank and a new kinds of ships they called: aircraft Carrier. In the year 1925 a plan was created to evacuate The 40,000 residents of Polto Bay together with the city's supply depots of oil, food, production and military equipment in the case of a total defeat to the Tarans. The people and supplies were to be moved together with highly trained and well equipped military units using the vast Aruvan fleet. The Aruvan fleet was at the time the most advanced fleet in the world, it was also completely superior the the Taran fleet. Tara lacked the capability of harming the Aruvan fleet in any meaningful way. The plan was to transport the units to the horrendously named New Port Town located on an island where they could hold out while the diplomats would try to gain allies willing to help Aruva. The plan was named Evacuation Plan Z.
    Province Map of Venezuelacities26

    Evacuation Plan Z

The Tara-Aruvan War

Even though Aruva was preparing for the war with Tara for many years they were caught off guard by the Taran invasion. On the 7th of January 1932 Tara invaded Aruva without a declaration of war. The Aruvan military intelligence failed to notice the build up of Taran troops on the border. Though the Aruvan border fortresses were mighty and well p is protected they were severely understaffed and were captured by the two million man strong Taran military in the matter of hours. The Aruvan military was caught by surprise and and was quickly defeated by the Tarans on most fronts. After a month of fighting the only major city on the mainland left in Aruvan control thanks to the tank divisions defending it and the guns of the warships in the city port. The Tarans were ill equipped and were unable to deal with any of these two threats. The Tarans, who failed to capture the city after three attempts, started shelling the city. The Aruvans who did not like the idea of being continuously shelled decided to commence Evacuation Plan Z. A few days later the preparations were complete and the Aruvans evacuated Polto Bay. The Aruvans decided to take with them the aircraft carrier prototype docked at the experimental facilities at the port to prevent its capture by the Tarans. Everything went according to plan at first. The Tarans, who were unable to stop the fleet, decided not to aggravate it and let it pass unattached. A few hours later and the Aruvan fleet was out on the open sea. The fleet set sail to New Port Town according to plan, a travel expected to take a day at most but the fleet experienced a malfunction to the compasses of all the 150 ships participating in the convoy, an impossible occurrence. After one more day of sailing the admiral leading the fleet realized they were lost, they didn't know where they were, they couldn't turn back but there was no land on the horizon. After ten days of simply sailing forward they arrived at a beach, they thought it was a Caribbean island at first but after following the coastline they realized it wasn't an island, it was land, and it was clear to the Aruvans that they weren't in America any longer. They thought that they had reached Africa but the beaches were rocky and the weather was cold. The Aruvans then realized that something was terribly wrong.

The Mysterious Land

Work in progress being drawn by Jacktheripperpg.

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