The New Mexican War was a short war lasting only a season. In that time, though, it was one of the most destructive wars in human history, with a total of eleven nuclear missiles being used.


First Strike

Tensions for a while had been rising between Las Cruces, and the NAL. eentually, Las Cruces bought ten nukes from france. They proceeded to threaten Dinetah and Texas and plan an invasion of Albuquerque. The NAL responeded by launching an invasion. The President, PM, and 48 more people fled to Antarctica, and five nukes were fired. The first was shot down, but the others hit Tulsa, San antonio, and El Paso.

Retaliation and the End of Las Cruces

Texas retreated, but this wasn't the end. The Commonwealth responded by launching a nuke, destroying Las Cruces. in response.

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