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Originally Inspired by the original Map Game, here is a really awesome new one! If you notice any discrepancies or implausibilities, please check the talk page and have a peaceful discussion about it.

Something you guys should read!

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The Rules are as follows;

  • Just like the original Map Game, a turn is a year
  • Take your turn by writing a bunch of random events, then edit the map (Microsoft Paint, FotoFlexer, Adobe photoshop, of any other photo editor will do, but we recommend Plixr)
  • Don't be ridiculous! (i.e., Finland cannot declare independence and then invade the entire world, all in a year)
  • If you don't have a map to show for your new edit, it will be deleted! or a map will be mad based on the stuff you wrote.
  • This will stop in 1650.
  • Please leave comments on the talk page!
  • One other person must go again before you take a turn!
  • PLEASE, make the pictures more consistent. it just looks weird.
  • Also, if you create an event that is considered implausible, it will be discussed and if it is proven so IT WILL BE CHANGED.

1205 - 1235

See New Map Game 1205-1235

1236 - 1265

See New Map Game 1236-1265


  • The Swedish Navy blockades Stockholm and the large Russian army there starves to death.
  • Meanwhile in Finland, a brilliant Swedish amphibious assault cuts a second Russian army off from supplies, then crushes the weakened Russians in a vice between the two Swedish armies in Finland. Sweden retakes Finland and part of Northern Russia.
  • Russia is forced to send troops north from the Austrian and Hungarian fronts to stop Sweden from advancing through the Russian heartland so Austria, Hungary and Prussia make advances.

1265 nmg



Yemen the Great reorganizes his military and takes personal command. Yemen builds up Russian morale, replenishes the forces, and rebuild them. Under his leadership, the Russians take back the losses incurred against the Swedes, Prussians, Austrians, and Hungarians. Russia annexes Hungary even, completely. The Russians also take Byzantine Crimea and annex Georgia. The Swedes do eliminate the Russian coastal pocket near Stockholm. the meantime, the Turks and Armenians sign a truce and both assault eastern Byzantine Rome.


  • In eastern Russia, on the border with China, hundreds of thousands of people protest the prolonged war. When they realize they are, and will never be heard, they revolt.This new nation calls itself the Republic of Kamchatka, with just militia and some eastern Russian Military support they attack Russian villages along their borders, they also begin a campaign of guerrilla warfare against Russia the oppressive.
  • The Byzantine Roman troops from Alaska arrive on Russia's eastern half and quickly establish a safe base of operations. Most of the Russian military is off fighting their brother's in Europe. They also support the Kamchatka rebels by giving them some military grade weapons to fight the Russians with.
  • In Europe the Russian forces are once again beaten back with advances made by whatever nations are left in the alliance, now vowing to not end this war until they have the Tsar's head on a Pike. They recruit two new nations into the alliance, both wanting more land, and both relatively silent for years now, Kara Kahiti and Xinjaing. These nations launch a joint attack against Russia and make huge gains, mainly from the help of villagers fed-up with the war.
  • China now enters the war on Russia's behalf and invades Xinjaing. This leaves much of the China's coast unguarded from Japanese raids.
  • Japan and China fight fiercely over the island of Taiwan in the South China Sea. Japan is also able to kick out Konyo and take several islands from them. Konyo signs a peace treaty with Japan in order to keep their homeland safe.
  • Ethiopians gain some land in Egypt, but lose land to the south to the Sudan. They also lose half of the Peninsula holding to the Arabian Caliphate.
  • Byzantine Rome and Armenia are able to push back the Turkish armies, but with more Turks on the way they seek and ally that could strike the Turks out once and for all.


  • New Wales revolts and destroys the British army there and their leader gives a speech in which he says that, "Such a young nation has no right to interfere with us in the New World, they should concentrate on the terrible war in Europe then try to attack this great nation again, because that next attack will be in complete futility." This is met with roaring applause from the nation as a whole. (it has been 46 years since New Wales was founded, thus they have no NEED and no WANT to be under a European powers 'wings': Britain was born only nine years ago). They also expanded a small amount inland in North America. The Native American Union incorporates more tribes into its union.



Yemen the Great dies in battle. His successor, Peter, surrenders. He agrees to the division of Russia. Meanwhile, the Turks and Egypt both assault Armenia and Byzantine Rome, taking Syria, most of Armenia, and a portion of Byzantine Turkey by the end of the year.

New Wales is successfully conquered by the Frankreich after it has been weakened by the wars with Greater Britain.




New Wales' strong military, not weakened much at all by Greater Britain, counter attacks and their territory is taken back. After being fed up with so many wars New Wales is determined to make itself the major power in America.



{C}Rome, making a concentrated effort, drives a wedge between Egypt and the Turks.

Armenia counter attacks, making large gains.

Malwa makes an amphibious assault on the Turks and annexes Sri Lanka.

Kara Khitai attack the Turks, catching them by surprise and making huge gains.

Ethiopia and the Berbers both take advantage of Egypt's distraction and attack.


Land colonized by France is seized by New Wales.

The Inca empire gains recognition. 1271



  • Fed up with the constant attacks, Byzantine Rome together with Ethiopia and the Berber state succeed in wiping Egypt off the map,
  • The Ethiopians and Byzantines enter into an alliance and political agreement in order to secure the conquered area.
  • The Emperor of Rome, in an effort to build bridges with the people now under the rule of the empire, re-establishes the Roman Senate. Representatives from each province will go to Constantinople to have a voice in the Empire's future.


  • Byzantine Rome gains more territory in Egypt.
  • China attacks Xinjiang.
  • Pagan conquers Pegu.
  • Japan gains territory in the Khmer Empire using their navy.
  • West Russia is Balkanized to make sure it doesn't rise up again.



For Ivan

New map.

Ivan the Great becomes the prince of Moscow. Ivan is tired of paying tribute to Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden, Prussian Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Byzantine Rome. Ivan appeals to the princes of the other Russian principalities, all of which want to restore Russia. He unites them under his rule, thus forming the Principality of Moscow, and begins building up his army and navy. Ivan promises not to expand Russia (a promise he does not intend to keep). Ivan then severs all ties to Russia's superior states and proclaims Russia's independence. The other countries agree to Russian demands, since they are all worn out from a decade of fighting.



  • Japan establishes a presence on Sakhalin and in sparsely populated Manchuria. A policy of heavy settlement is enacted.
  • Malwa under the guise of freeing the Hindu people from Islamic rule, invades the Ghurid Sultanate
  • A charismatic leader claiming to be the descendant of Ghengis Khan arises in former Mongolia, uniting the nomadic clans and quickly establishing dominance in the area.


  • Japan establishes colonies further inland, but like New Wale doesn't suppress the native populace, instead opens trade with them and fines several high quality Iron veins in the region. I quickly establishes a fort not to far from it.
  • Japan also signs a peace treaty with China called the Treaty of Taiwan (?), in return for letting China back on the open sea, they get the rest of Taiwan (?), but have to move out of the Khmer Empire. This treaty also limits the Chinese navy to only 1/10th the size of the Japanese navy today, and not allowed to grow beyond that until the next conference is held, in 50 years.
  • Pagan and Srivijaya sign a treaty, dividing up the Khmer Empire. After the treaty is ratified they both launch invasions of the country and gain land.
  • Ghurid Sultanate get the Turkish Empire to help it push Malwa out of the western regions held by it. These happens a tiny bet to late, as Malwa troops have connect the two halves of Malwa. To top it off, once the Turks find this out, they only agree to annex what was former Turkey and nothing more. This saddens the Ghurid Sultanate, but they vow to push the Malwa pigs out of the entire sub-continent, this is more for moral then anything else.
  • With Mongolia just suddenly reorganizing into a country, neither Chinese nor Xinjiang take not for over a year. Even though both nations make advancements on Mongolia, China is the most prevalent and begins to realize that this is not Xinjiang when Mongolian cavalierly attacks and decimates almost one-fourth of a platoon. China quickly halts its advance, and signs a treaty with the Mongolian leaders; a similar experience happen to Xinjiang, only on a smaller scale as most of their troops where south.
  • Xinjiang, with the distraction of Mongolia to the north, makes advancements on China-proper.
  • Mongolia, seeing that is liberated itself in a bad time declares it self Neutral. Mongolian government also prepares to incorporate some city-stat's/tribes to the north.
  • Byzantine Rome hands over its holdings in Kamchatka to Senatorial Republic of Alaska (the puppet government they established years ago, only now it has reformed its government riding the puppet government, but remaining close allies with Byzantine Rome). They immediately help the Byzantine Roman troops home and begin colonization of the entire area.




  • A coalition of merchants and concerned noblemen, fearing Ivan's expansionist plans and the disaster such would bring, assassinate the leader and split the Russian territory amongst themselves creating The Duchy of Komi, Merchant Republic of Novgorod, Duchy of Muscovy, Duchy of Georgia, Russian Trade Federation (a federation of territories ruled by various merchant princes).
  • The remaining powers immediately begin trying to influence the new nations. Sweden allies with Komi, and Byzantine Rome with Georgia. Novgorod and the Russian Trade federation form an alliance of Merchant States


  • Senatorial Republic of Alaska expands in eastern Russia.
  • Kamchaken Republic forms in eastern Russia. They form out of large nomadic tribes people as well as large city-states, they ask the Senatorial Republic of Alaska for the land back, proclaiming it to be their 'ancestral homeland'. Negations follow as Senatorial Republic of Alaska has already set up some cities and ports throughout the land.
  • Russian Trade Federation expands north ward. This is to get their hand on other raw material as well as some area's to get ports and further trade.
  • Mongolia expands north
  • Japan expands it colonies and also thinks of allying with the Senatorial Republic of Alaska due to massive trade benefits from such a union.
  • China and Xinjiang end their bloody war, after some gain and losses by both sides, and set up a demilitarized zone between the to. It is primarily their to keep the peace.
  • Pagan and Srivijaya make gain against the Khmer Empire. The alliance also meets up in western coast of the Khmer Empire and begin pushing east.
  • Turkish Empire takes back its land and calls for a cease fire with Malwa, which is gladly accepted. many nations have officially declared themselves neutral in the Malwa/Ghurid Sultanate war.
  • Malwa makes gains against the eminently weakened Sultanate.
  • Arabian Caliphate purchase the Ethiopian part of Arabian land. now they have united the land under their rule they wonder about the future; as per the original agreement to the Arabian Caliphate was to unit all of Arabia under their rule.
  • The peaceful world, for the most part. begins to expand their minds more then might due to the lack of any LARGE scale war between western kingdoms.




  • Ethiopia assaults the Sultanate of Sudan.
  • The Kingdom Of Punt and the Berbers invade the weakened Sultanate.
  • The Sultanate is reformed as a republic.
  • The Northern African states invade the Berber state while their armies are otherwise involved.
  • Ethiopia and Byzantium Rome cement their political and military alliance in the treaty of Alexandria.
  • The Ghurid Sultanate declare that they will retake the Indian subcontinent.



  • Civil war erupts in China after the emperor dies, his sons fighting for the crown.
  • Tibet takes advantage of the war in China and secures its independence.
  • Mongolia and Koryo expand their influence in chaotic China.
  • Kamchaken Republic and Alaskan Senatorial Republic agree to an exchange of land for exclusive trade rights.
  • Malwa declares itself Hindustan, "Land of the Hindus."
  • Byzantine Rome encourages Christian settlement in Jerusalem and enacts a settlement program for the city of Suez, renaming the city Andronikopolis after the emperor's eldest son. Reconstruction of the canal between the Nile and Andronikopolis commences.


Srivijaya and Pagan wipe the Khmer Empire off the map.

Rome Attacks the Turks.

Hindustan attacks the Ghurid Sultanate, which, desperate for land, annexes Kashmir.

Tibet, Koryo and Mongolia make gains against China.




Financially strained by the loss of direct control of many of its colonies as well as the wars with the Russian empire, Sweden agrees to sell territory to the Republic of Novgorod.


  • Gurandi Sultanate losses the war against Hindustan and collapses. Hindustan claims all of Gurandi Sultanate territory. to make it easier on the populace, they establish limited mosques in the far north for the old sultanate's people, which a good percentage is of Muslim descent.
  • China's civil war ends with the more diplomatic brother winning, but realizing that China could only fight so many (in fact it is estimated at around 100K troops left to fight off a combined estimated fighting force of 1M troops) he calls to Pagan and Japan, which join the war swiftly evening the battle with now 1.3M on china's side and a dwindling 1M on the invaders side. Pagan has had close relations with china for some time through trade and limited diplomacy, also it wishes to extend its border to the north in order to trade with some in-land countries. Japan joins because of the fact that they had lost a war to Koryo some time ago, and also see it as a moment in which they can better solidify their hold on the main land.
  • Xinjiang expands north. This is followed by the expansion of the Kamchatkan Republic in virtually all directions, with the exception of the Alaskan Senatorial Republic territory, which is given back to them slowly by each year.
  • Berber State sends a good portion of its rag tag military up north which succeeded in two things:
  1. . Gaining territory back in the north.
  2. . Losing territory in the south to the still counting war with Sudan.
  • Ethiopia gains some ground on the NOW dug in Sudan army.
  • (Although not shown) Alaskan Senatorial Republic, other wise known as ASR, makes huge gains inland to the border of OTL British Columbia. the returning population from the Russian territory makes it possible.



Koryo, with help from Srivijaya, Drive Japan off the Korean Peninsula, part of OTL Russia, and nearby Islands. Srivijaya also takes some Islands further south.

Tibet Launches a counterattack on Pagan.

Poland and Belarus take some land from Germany.

Rome and Armenia launch a coordinated attack on the Turks. Kara Khitai also seizes some land from the Turks.




  • Japan reclaims Taiwan and the Ryukyu Islands from Srivijaya at the cost of losing ground to Koryo in Manchuria. Japan accepts the loss of Hainan in exchange for peace with Srivijaya and may now focus on Koryo.
  • Byzantine Rome cedes land to Ukraine and Georgia in exchange for Vassalage agreements from the Grand Duke of Ukraine and Duke of Georgia.
  • The land of the eastern Russian Nomads is claimed by Xinjiang, Mongolia, Japan, China, and the Kamchatkan Republic.


  • Xinjiang attacks Tibet for illegally annexing a small southern part of their land. Tibet then has to battle the Pagan army and the Chinese army, it does not look good.
  • Mongolia leaves the war in an effort to annex some of the Tribal area's to the north, which it succeeds in flawlessly.
  • Koryo has to face a Chinese army coming from the west and the resurgent Japanese army from the east.
  • Alaskan Senatorial Republic gives the rest of the land to Kamchatkan Republic; which itself expand into Siberia and some southern nomadic lands.
  • Russian Trade Federation takes the rest of Siberia and forms an alliance with Xinjiang; it knows it will get more trade with this particular nation because of its borders or WHO it borders would be more precise.
  • China manages to settle some nomadic lands as well, but it may backfire.
  • Hindustan attacks Srivijaya in order to extend its trade and influence; some also may think it is a way of expanding their religion as well.
  • Byzantine Rome, Armenia, and Kara Khitai all make gains on the dwindling Turkish Empire. The Turks in turn set up massive dug in defensive lines a couple miles behind their own borders, hiding it from the enemy.
  • Ethiopia makes small gains on the dug in Sudan army.
  • Sudan takes some further territory north before the Berber State, tired of the multiple front war sues for peace with all three powers that invaded it.
  • The peace agreement allows for the Berber State to have a small 5K army in exchange for some of its northern territory back.
  • Kingdom of Punt and Kongo both make gains in Africa.
  • Hungary and Austria go to war after some Austrian traders were killed by a Hungarian squad.

Messed up a little, sorry


  • New Wales, Alaskan Senatorial Republic, and Native American Union all make gains in North America.
  • Inca Empire makes gains in south America.
  • New Wales, Alaskan Senatorial Republic, and Native American Union all from a defense pact in order to protect themselves from some of the more aggressive European powers.
  • Frankfurt gains a little land in the north.



Hungary loses ground to Austria.

Tibet negotiates peace, losing some land in the process.

Rome, Armenia, and Kara Khitai advance to to the Turks outer line of defence. Rome and Armenia take advantage of gaps in the line.

Manchuria declares Independence, declaring itself neutral.

Sorry, all I did was clear up the spelling to make it easier to read.

Fine with me.



  • Japan and China take more land in Koryo. Koryo sues for peace, Japan and China ignore. Both nations will leave Koryo if multiple nations intervene, in which case they will sue for peace. That would more then likely be accepted.
  • Srivijaya people close to Japan lynch some Japanese on the islands. In order to stop this the Japanese government send a large enough military force to squash the Srivijaya people and take back the island. Srivijaya surrenders the island, mainly because it had no need for them.
  • Srivijaya gets invaded by a growing Hindustan for rare fruits and vegetables as well as other rare materials, as well as for a faster and larger trade route.
  • Armenia, Kara Khitai, and Byzantine Rome make it to a more well-prepared line, which has no holes in it as well as having superior firing conditions for archers and catapults/ballistas are able to hold the line far more effectively; large trenches were dug for further protection.
  • Ethiopia, wanting to end the war signs a peace treaty that stats that Ethiopia and the Sudan shall not amass troops on each others borders. This is overseen by the Kingdom of Punt which agrees to intervene on the behalf of which ever nation was betray. (it wishes to gain more lands to the north)
  • Kingdom of Punt, Kongo, Sudan, and Dominion of the Almohades expand to almost all touch borders (understandably not with all of each other)


  • Native American Union (NAU), New Wales, Alaskan Senatorial Republic (ASR), and Frankfort colony all expand in north America.
  • NAU, New Wales, and ASR become even closer trade partners and allies.
  • Inca empire also expands in South America, unfortunately most of their conquered lands are heavily populated by the military only, not much civilians, so losing it would not be to much for them.



Koryo Slicitis the Help of Manchuria, Taking back land on the Korean Peninsula.

Manchuria takes some land from Japan.

Manchuria Allies with Tibet.

Tibet Attacks China.

Kongo Expands.

Srivijaya counter attacks, driving Hindustan off of Sumatra. The two nations then negotiate a trade agreement.

Austria Gains ground on Hungary.



  • 1289
  • Japan decides the richer, more developed areas of Koryo are worth risking their undeveloped northern colonies and push further into Koryo while sacrificing some colonial land to Manchuria.
  • China's vastly more numerous and more powerful armies crush the Tibetan incursion and Tibet is forced to surrender, ceding all captured land and some.
  • The Turkish Empire surrenders, the empire is divided up with Armenia keeping most of the seized territory, Kara Khitai keeping its seized territory, Byzantine Rome establishing the Kingdom of Persia as a vassal state, and the rest forming the Shahdom of Baluchistan.
  • Hungary surrenders to Austria, swearing fealty to the Grand Duke of Austria.


  • Austria and Hungary are forced through outside forces, mainly Byzantine Rome, to forge a single country to keep peace in the region. Many people in the new Austria-Hungary people hate that they are under the same government, but no one wishes to make Byzantine Rome, Poland, Prussia Germany, and Ukraine force a "peace" upon them. As of right now, the new government is more of a confederation then anything else, but this confederation does not work well until troops are amassed along their entire border from all previously mentions countries, to ensure that the region remains stable.
  • Dominion of the Almohades, Sudan and Kongo integrate more tribes into their nations. During this time, Sudan secures a MDA (Mutual Defense Alliance) with the Kingdom of Punt; it breaks down to if Ethiopia and/or the Berber State where to attack they would handle Ethiopia and Sudan would handle the Berber State unless just one attacked, in that case, unless it is Ethiopia, Sudan would only get food and supplies otherwise they would split Ethiopia 40/60 between them (unfortunately Sudan gets the 40). Sudan will also have to do 50% of its economic trade with The Kingdom of Punt.
  • Ethiopia ask the Berber State to help take out the Sultanate of Sudan once and for all, but they refuse citing Dominion of the Almohades and Emirates of Bepi Gahniya as more pressing concerns. Ethiopia decides to invade anyway, but is taken by surprise when the Kingdom of Punt attacks from the south and secures the entrance into the peninsula region destroying Ethiopian trade ships and other shipments. Even though the Kingdoms of Punt's military is not as advanced as others, it has numbers on its side.
  • Arabian Caliphate secretly incites Islamic riots in Byzantine Empire and Persia, both with heavy christian population; The riots are by the natives that have been displaced for either years or just ones that hate their new government.
  • Hindustan invades Baluchistan, but stops the capturing of this weak nation for two reasons:

. 1. Public outcries to not invade and instead keep the military operational only for defensive purposes. . 2. The masses riot in Baluchistan over the weak military, continues fighting, government that itself is weak and does not really care for its people anymore.

  • Mongolia makes a more favorable border with Manchuria. It is agreed upon by BOTH nations that this might be beneficial in future endeavors.
  • However, late in the year Koryo ends up accepting a peace treaty with Japan and China as it realizes it can't win. All captured territories are to remain under the government that captured it; Koryo has lost the Korean Peninsula as well as Korea. Later that same year, with its ONLY ally surrender, Manchuria also surrenders.
  • The Inca Empire falls apart and finally collapses at the end of the year.
  • Due to an earthquake a small island breaks off China and then declares independence, calling itself Sankasos.
  • Annoyed by the Russians, Komi, Novgorod, Muscovy, and Georgia make a joint attack on The Russian Trade Federation. (I don't know how to edit a map.)

The map game 1290


  • Komi, Novgorod, Muscovy, and Georgia declare war on the Russian Trade Federation, followed by Kanchatkan, and by Byzantium, Persia, Ukraine, and Sweden. They make mediocre gains.
  • Kara Khitai makes an agreement with Tibet and Baluchistan to protect them from Hindustan if they agree to help it in any wars and they pay a tribute. Kara Khitai immediately invades Baluchistan to expel the Hindustanis from conquered territory.
  • France and Prussia declare war on Sweden and take their land in mainland Europe, provoking the break-up of Sweden, which leaves the Russian war. Novgorod annexes Karelia and the Sami.
  • Kara Khitai and Xinjiang form an alliance to help the Russian Trade Federation.
  • Protests at Hindustan’s failure to keep parts of Baluchistan result in mass demonstrations and secession by Kashmir, the Tamils, Muslims, and Bengal. The scale horrifies the Hindustanis, who invade.
  • Kara Khitai extends its agreement to the new Indian nations, they accept.
  • Srijava conquers Sankasos.
  • Hindustani allies itself with the nations attacking the Russian Trade Federation.
  • 1291

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