New Bulgarian Federation Flag

The Flag For The New Federation


The New Bulgarian Federation was created in the aftermath of the Great War. Originally, the Federation was a part of the Treaty Of Sofia at the end of the Great War in 1909.5. The Federation was to consist of the following countries: Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria, with Albania and Macedonia being vassals. After a while of negotiation, the borders of the Federation were shortened to Southern Romania, and no vassals in Albania or Macedonia. It was later shortened again to Central and Southern Serbia. Then finally, it was reduced to Bulgaria. It formed in 1910.5, exactly one year after the war ended. It was formed when the Treaty of Sofia was signed, after all Bulgarian troops had left the occupied territories. Since then, the federation has rebuilt it's country, economy (partially) and it's military. Threats from Greece seemed that another war between them and the federation was about to begin. This was not the case however, and in fact, the dispute was resolved peacefully, and now Greece is one of the Federation's Allies. Further down in the timeline, Bulgaria was attacked by Romania, who soon surendered after being challenged by Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Germany, France and Austria. A few years later, the Bulgarians created the United European Alliance of Peace. A short time after that, Romania invaded again, and the war is still going.


Austria 1912-Present

Greece 1912-Present

Serbia 1912-Present

Sweden 1912-Present

Germany ????-Present

Italy ????-Present


Greece: Want to just invade and conquer Romania?

Bulgaria: Yes

Greece: I think we should both embargo Italy. They gave aid to Romania and betrayed both of us. Italy isn't a good allie.

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