In 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne, is assassinated in Sarajevo by a Serbian radical. Austria-Hungary decides to declare war on Serbia, which prompts Russia, a fellow Slavic state, to declare war upon Austria-Hungary.
Russian prisoners tannenberg

Russian Prisoners

Germany, Austria-Hungary's ally, also declares war upon Serbia. Russia declares war on Germany, too. Because Germany declared war on Serbia and not upon Russia, France, a Russian ally, had no reason to declare war upon Germany. Therefore, France takes a neutral stance in the war, meaning the British Empire also does not join the war.

Because of France's position, Germany only has one front to fight, allowing them to focus all of their attention on Russia. Germany and Austria-Hungary capture Moscow, forcing Russia to surrender in 1919. Due to family ties, Russia only has to cede large amounts of territory and make needed reforms such as abolishing serfdom.

Because of Germany and Austria Hungary's victory, the age of absolute monarchies lives on. World War II never occurs and the October Revolution never happens.

This is a limited timeline, meaning that it only goes to 1935...

Timeline of Events

1914- The Eastern War starts. The Pro-German forces are Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire. The Pro-Russian forces are Russia, Rumania, and Serbia.

1917- The Ottoman Revolution starts. Russian forces sweep around through Anatolia and counter-attack Bulgaria. The Ottoman Empire crumbles.

1919- The Treaty of Salzburg ends the Eastern War. The new nations of Poland, Ukraine, Livonia, Finland, Turkey, Mesopotomia, Assyria, Palestine, Arabia, and Armenia are created.

1923- Palestine is invaded by British Forces, restarting the Germano-British Cold War.

1925- Britain invades Arabia.

1928- Germany attempts to occupy Portugal's colonies. Britain sides with Portugal. Russia and France announce neutrality. This starts the First World War.

1929- Germany declares war on Belgium. Although the war goes badly for the Germans in Europe, by the end of the year all of Mittelafrika is under German control.

1930- Trenches are first used. Britain begins a blockade of Germany. Russia is made into a full democracy; the Czar has no more political power.

1931- Belgium is occupied by Germany.

1932- Austria-Hungary joins Germany's side of the War.

1934- The Treaty of Fez ends World War I, in a status quo ante bellum.

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