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Himmler decides. The blood of the German people burn for revenge. They will not let the foreign nations determine the fate of Germany. War will come to the French, and Germany will triumph.

Himmler launches his attack into Poland. Outraged, France declares war. Himmler was expecting this, however, and had only sent part of his army. The fighting rages across the continent as Germany tries to force its way to Paris. However, the German Army was not ready. They had not recovered from the Civil War, and there were still people loyal to the old government in the army. After two years of fighting, Polish troops marched triumphantly into Berlin. With the war over in victory for the Allies, they made peace. Himmler was executed for war crimes, along with other members of the government.

However, all was still not well. The Nazis had fallen relatively easy, since their army was not ready. Combine that with the fact that they attacked almost immediately after the Civil War ended, and it only fared badly for the world. Without the threat of imminent war to boost the economy, the temporary boost provided by the war soon went back into a Depression. The global economy dropped, and nations began to turn to Totalitarianism, in the form of Fascism and Communism, to help their economies recover.

The two ideologies proved incompatible, and in 1943, a global war began. The war was total, and final. The conflict raged for years, and the nation involved used every weapon in their arsenal. Eventually, someone went the final step and broke out the nuclear bomb. Millions died as entire cities were destroyed. Not only that, but gas weapons and other things were used in the war, that made it the worst war in human history, with the death toll of WW1 being dwarfed by the amount of casualties in this war.

In the end, the Fascist Alliance managed to triumph, although much of the world was ruined. They held sway over much of Europe, Africa, and America. The rest of the world was comprised of nations who had stayed out of the war, either because of self interest, or a wish to survive. A state of peace existed, and the world rebuilt. but this was not the end. The Fascist nations grew paranoid of each other, convinced that the other was focused on world domination. Something had to snap, and in the 1960's, it did.

War began. Nuclear weapons flew. The world died. Humanity was almost completely eradicated. What was left of human civilization was cast back to the Stone Ages. People scrounging around for food, animals running loose, radiation changing things.

In the modern day, humanity is on the long, rough road to recovery. Civilization is clustered around a few areas, such as island nations that were spared the war, and the African Sahara. The world was thrown into darkness, and no one knows when the sun shall return to humanity.

End of Timeline

Created by: Azecreth 19:28, May 16, 2011 (UTC)

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