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The British, French and Russians approach the Berlin Alliance as a whole, and attempt to work out some sort of arrangement to prevent Europe from plunging into war. Himmler wants the Versaille Treaty revoked, and German power in Europe assured. The Allies are very reluctant to give them that, but they don't see a choice. The military clauyses of the Treaty of Versailles are nullified on August 7, 1938, and Germany rejoices with their triumph over the Allies.

The allies realize they may have made a mistake, but they decide it is worth it. The major economic bloc of the Berlin Alliance has much throwing power, and the Allies don't want to alienate their middle and upper classes right now. Peace reigns in Europe, but the spectre of Germany rises as Himmler begins a slow but steady military growth. The Allies take notice of this, and invest money in improving their own militaries, with modern weapons.

The rest of the world does not sit still either. The United states is busy with isolationism, while the Japanese begin a war with China.

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Created by: Azecreth 15:49, October 27, 2011 (UTC)

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