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The Nation of Gentenam ( Latin of Great Nation ) is a global superpower , from its early days to the present.This is the country that had the best trade , and is known for being the most invaded by any nation otheror empire. This nation is known for its cultural diversity .Languages: English,Spanish , Arabic , Chinese. Capital City : Andero City ( named after the hero) Highest peak : Mt Holy Kristo

Population: 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,

Religion: Catholic 92%, Hindu 2% , Protestant 6%

List of Regions: 12,000

GDP per capita 2,500 $

Currency : Gentamia

Motto : Until my body shall break, i shall fight till the death

The Discovery of Gentenam:

It is known that the land of Gentenam, is part of almost three continents, the North Border is part of Europe,the South Border is part of Africa, East is Part of Asian, West is part both of Africa and Europe. In according to archaeologist found that the first inhabitants, where mixed but most of them where brown and white. They where shown that they hunted at first but somehow started to live in agrarian communities . It is also shown that they where more peaceful towards each other .

Early Years:

According to most studies , the first people of Gentenam where first divided into to four kingdoms , which all of them lived in great harmony . Then in an unknown date , all of the four kingdoms signed a truce and all of them held there very first Emperor, Granombre Lurpus . Under his rule , trade flourished with other kingdoms mostly well known with the Greeks , Persians , Egyptians ,and even some accounts of Chinese . While a peaceful leader Emperor Ganombre studied military tactics of each place , just for him to make sure they can hold up on there own if war ever breaks. He also first showed great admiration for weapons and made sure his soldiers where given well conditioning . He also first got ideas of having making ships from the neighboring Carthage Empire near the South of Gentenam. He was also open to having ambassadors from other empires , just to make sure there was all peace . Also they where also one of the first nations to accept Christianity , because according to some accounts there where some apostles who saved the wife of Ganombre the I . But then when they saw something in the horizon , a new empire has rose The Roman Empire.

The Romans in Gentenam:

For the most part the Roman-Gentenam relationship was quite smooth , they had good trade and had a powerful relationship . Until the Romans where hungry for more territory , in which the Gentenamians did not approve in which ended in war.

The Roman-Gentenam War: 400-401

For once the Romans thought they would have it easy , but for they would not know they would be humiliated in there great years . A force of 50,000 would march to the capital , but even in the beginning they would lose about 5,000 men from ambushes of a secret military that Ganombre made in every mountain . Alas when they thought they had reached a major city , it was just a gigantic village so they where surprised that the residents let them stay unaware on what will happen to them. In the early morning all of the residents and local village force attacked the Romans while they where still in there tents , the Romans numbered about 45,000 where attacked by a combined force of 150,000 villagers and units of 75 ,000 sacked the Romans killing about 30,000 while letting the 15,000 escape . While the Romans finally escaped , there where most who where injured and weak they still tried to at least put up a fight so they set up camp for the night thinking they where safe . But as they rested in the night , all them did not know up in almost every tree where a bunch of archers who then where given the command shot there arrows and without any time to be given the Romans where attacked , this time with a whole army of 50,000 riders . But fortunately a few number of 250 Romans managed to survive , and found a way to at least contact the Roman Empire mainland . When they news reached , the Romans then declared full out total war Gentenam . The Romans then sent a fleet of about 750,000 men to attack Grande Port , a mistake that would cause them a huge loss of men . When they where already in the sea territory of Gentenam , they first settled in a nearby island which is now called Leonulo island . Then they settled at the island , for one night while capturing its residents , they thought of a plan sending 50,000 just to test them .But to the Romans they had no idea , a spy had just escaped in a naviseum boat to reach the mainland . Then in the dawn , the Romans sent there 50,000 men in a boat . When the first 25,000 landed they saw the force of the Gentenamians in the horizin , but as they took another step forward they where met with the machine that Ganombre had created , the volanterni artillery machine . In just mere minutes the 50,000 forces where rained down with hails of arrows at them , slaughtering them . Then the commander at Grande Port Tyrus Marzuz let them escape , but the Gentenamians then knew where the Romans where and then going to attack them . Then the Gentenamians at the very first Naviellica ships , one of the most gigantic ships at that time . They sent about a force of 10 ships , each ship consisting about 500,000 warriors . But they had a plan only two ships would attack them straight forward , the other eight split up each into to two each pair attacking a different point in Leonulo island . With that plan , they drove away the Romans swiftly . The first major battle of the war had begun, in which a war the Romans lost . After the first phase started , the second phase started where the Romans scattered in Leonulo island all of which where slaughtered . But somehow a few soldiers managed to escape , but only 15 soldiers have escaped in crude ship back to Rome.After the few soldiers had reached Rome , they had reported on what had happend to them but another man who named himself Tiberius Tucaput had told the Emperor that they needed to have Gentenam because the vast riches it can give it to Rome . But this one would cause the most humiliating defeat ever in Roman`s army ever , causing the lives of so many in just under on year.Then the Roman Emperor Honorius issued a gigantic force of 5,000,000 of mixed Romans and mercenary forces set off to take Gentenam , unaware the horror that will bring them . On the date of June 12 , 401 the fleet of 5,000,000 men where heading to another route and found out a region in where in Africa where a landmass connected to Gentenam. They first then land on a city that is know called as Terreba , they then where greeted by its citizens with warm welcome and greeted the Romans with food and drink and a site for a campsite . But unaware to the Romans the citizens to small city of 50,000,000(which is small for this country) knew and made a plan to ambush them.Then in the night of June 15 401 , a man who was the mayor of the city gathered about 500 men . Then as they hid in secluded areas , they took out there long horns and blew them , and in quick succession woke all of the Romans up . Then unaware a force of 15,000 rhino riders quickly took off and killed about 1,500,000 soldiers in mere minutes . Then the Romans who where so desperate where then led to an area by an woman named Heleyta Lamantt . For a while the Romans thought they where safe when then a dark cloud floated over them , then they found out they where arrows and cannon fire then massacred the Romans and killed about 2,000,000 of them . Then the Romans then where fleeing with only about 2,000,000 men left then they sought refuge in a giant cave in which was actually near a shoreline , this would then make them as the headquarters for about until Dec , 15 401 . After that Tiberius then sent a message to the Emperor for reinforcements , lying to the leader they where winning but in reality they where losing .Then all of the forces of the Romans started to build villages,even some women from Gentenam where actually sort of attracted , so some of them settled and about 5,000 Romans and mercenaries then left the post and settled in with there newly found loved ones.For this Tiberius just let them through , but unknown to him Ganombre had been sending those women to weaken the outpost of Tiberius. After many months though the Roman forces have built up to about 5,000,000 and where ready to plan to attack. So they then set off to a valley where there was a small city with a population of

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