This is the story, starting from 1955. It depicts what happens after two young Danish politicians found a North Pacific island and built a new nation.

Note: I'll add maps later, don't worry if you don't understand, maps will come in September or October

Birth of the Federal Republic of Mostravia

Two Danish politicians, James Braire Milton and Alfred Solksjaer, go for a trip. While crossing the Pacific, a bunch of swans came up and J. B. Milton decided to follow it. They landed on an island, later the Swan Island. There, Mostravia was founded on May 10, 1955.

Grew to Global Power

After 3 years of build, Mostravia apply new Laws and Constitution. The economy grows very quickly. In 1962, its Navy and Army were fully built, comprises of robots controlled by radar.

Mostravian - US War. Lars Treaty. Occupation of Hawaii and Alaska

In 1964, afraid of Mostravia's enormous growth, US attack Mostravia to prevent a third superpower. War begins.

Fall of the US

Lars Global Capitalism Summit. World Freedom Alliance

World War III. Defeat of Communism

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