The Moors
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: Southern Massachusetts
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
GNW The Moors
Location of The Moors
Language Moorish English
Demonym Moorish
The Moors is a region of former Massachusetts. While not having common governance, the region has a shared culture and customs, and speaks a unique dialect of English


Notable Cities

  • Moorsbay: the principle settlement of the Moors, it has the highest population, and has the best economy. The city is sorounded by a a pair of 60 ft. walls, and has an extensive military of citizens.
  • Ole Bricka: a city abandoned shortly after the War, it was repopulated.
  • College of Salem: No properly a city anymore, Salem is a walled college


The Moors, as their namesake, are shrubby grasslands with acidic soil. It is believed that this landscape was caused by swaths of farmland being recolonized by natural vegetation.


  • Stag: colloquial term for deer
  • Brahman: a type of red cow, so named because it is a more expensive animal to keep
  • Squab: a breed of pigeon for eating. Used in the Moors as the Domestic Chicken went extinct


The Moors inherit their common culture from the large amount of Irish immigrants, and the unique culture of Boston. While ideas and quirks of the Moors are not entirely unique, they are certainly worthy of note.


  • Steamah: a steamed clam, a common street food
  • Chowdah: a cream broth soup with seafood items, such as clams or fish
  • Anadamah: a dark yeast bread made with wheat and cornmeal
  • Fried Squab: Squab Meat fried in butter
  • Indian Pudding: a custard pudding
  • Hash: butter-fried potatoes, beets, corned beef, and onions.


See Moorish Language

Notable Professions

  • Sailor/Fisherman
  • "Gunny": local slang for Mercenary, specifically hired soldiers rather than rent-a-cop style mercs
  • "Hallah": slang for a bulk, long distance trader
  • "Brokah": slang for small time trader
  • "Spookah": a kind of mercenary who hunts witches, ghosts, and other "Spooks". They are trained almost from birth, relentlessly physically and mentally conditioned, and given special steroids to enhance their growth.

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