The Moorish-Inca Empire is an alternate timeline that explores what would have happened if persecuted Moriscos had left for the Americas and colonized the Inca Empire.


It all started in Valencia, Spain, 1506. A revolt of the Moriscos took place which was unlike any before. Shops were destroyed, people were killed and many more were injured. The Spanish government decided that the Moriscos were too dangerous to let live in Spain, so they decided to deport the entire Morisco community of Valencia. But instead of taking the punishment lying down, these people led mutinies on the deportation ships and decided to head for the Americas.

Arrival in the Americas

After the long, tiring journey across the Americas they had arrived in New Spain. Because of the same strict Catholic regime, they moved down across the continent and landed in what is now Ecuador. The Moors were led by Mustafa Hasan (formerly known as Munroe Herez), who decided that they must be unified by their ancestors' religion, Islam. They knew only somewhat of the religion, thus their religion was very synthetic and borrowed many traditions from Catholicism. Following weeks of moving, they reached an Inca village. They settled in with the natives. There were around 2,000 moors who arrived in the Inca towns eventually, because of the new amount of knowledge (and disease) the Moors brought, the towns all grew into one large city known as Berbraaya.

Moor-Inca war

Once news about the city of Berbraaya came to Emperor Huayna Capac, he was furious and scared about the implications the outsiders could hold.

To be continued.

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