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Your team rescues you successfully and goes back to Belgium. However, the second mission is called off when it is realized that there is a leak in MI6. Your team and you are on your way back to the UK when the ship is bombed by a Nazi Stuka flock. The ship sinks, killing all aboard but you. You, however, lose a leg and go to a hospital in Colchester.

The Nazis, meanwhile, take advantage of their situation and invade the rest of Europe. By 1936, two years into the war, they have conquered all of Europe except that controlled by Finland, Switzerland, Russia, and Britain. Within the next two years, Finland and Switzerland both fall. Then Italy, which has invaded and conquered much of North Africa due to American inaction, is attacked by Germany and Rome is captured. Italy and all its provinces are annexed to Germany.

Making peace with Russia, the Germans attack England, but you are relieved to find that they are fended off after gaining a minor beachhead. Quickly getting conscripts from the rest of the Reich, though, the Germans surprise attack Russia, and with the huge number of men, fell the USSR, driving it into Siberia. They collapse five years later.

Now Britain and America stand against the Germans, but even that is doomed to fail.

In the year 1943, German scientists discover the secret of nuclear fission. Though the Americans discover it not long after, the Germans are the first to build a bomb.

On December 7th, 1944, London, New York, Glasgow, Belfast, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, Ottowa, Sydney, Manchester, and Canberra are nuked. Though the Americans and British respond, Berlin survives, though most of Greater Germany collapses.

Humanity begins to collapse back into tribes, all across the world.

Then a bomb, in the nuked ruins of Frankfurt, in the year 1987, is built. It is incredibly strong.

Terrorists detonate it in Berlin, and the last pre- Judgment Day state collapases.

But most of the world survives.

Today, Superstates, like the American Confederation (controlling most of the Americas), the North Asian Union (controlling Most of the former USSR, China and Kahzahkstan), the South Asian Republic (controlling the rest of Asia), the European Empire (controlling all of Continental Europe and Turkey), and the British Federation- controlling the British Isles, Canada and Australia- control the Earth. They are mostly peaceful, and the events of Judgment Day have ensured that none of them have ever built nuclear weapons.

You, the founder of the British Federation (whose capital is in Colchester) lie dead, of cancer, in 2000. As you died, you thought about what you had done. Was the world truly a worse place, now?

One thing could not be doubted- had you gone ahead with the plan, Judgment Day would never have happened.'

End Of Timeline

The Royal Guns (talk) 14:48, July 16, 2012 (UTC)

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