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The Seven Years' War ended in Prussian favour, due to Russian Emperor Pytor III making peace with Federaick III. Here we explore the ending years of the war and the PoD itself:

1760 – The Russian army takes Berlin.

1761 - The fall of the main Prussian sea fortress of Kolberg. The Prussian army was totally destroyed, and it main portion of territory – occupied by Russians and Austrians. East Prussia had been officially incorporated into the Russian Empire and only a miracle could save Frederick II and his kingdom.

1762 – The death of the Russian Empress Elizaveta Petrovna. New emperor Pyotr III makes peace with his idol Frederick and removes its troops from Prussia. Anti-Prussian union breaks up. Prussia and Great Britain wins the war.

However, what if the Miracle which saved Prussia Did Not Happen at all? What if Elizaveta lived just a little longer, and “Union of Tree Skirts” won the Seven Years War?

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