Middle eastern front
DateJuly 7 1938 - October 14, 1943
Result Strategic Iranian victory
Iran british empire/greater german reich

General Khomeini


sir claude aukinleck

768,000 (at full mobilisation) 497,600 (at full mobilisation)
Casualties and losses
370,069 killed,
49,1380 wounded
331,000 killed,
10,1580 wounded

This front was barely won by Iran. First, there were commonwealth troops heading from India and Iraq (and reinforced by 5 SS battalions on loan from the Greater German Reich (Hitler is an American---Version 1)). But, the Axis forces had little, if any, experience of desert warfare, and US fighters given to Iran were a thorn in the Luftwaffe's side. After Tehran, the Iranians began a march to delhi, where the Pakistani insurgents sided with them and captured Delhi by late 1942. the British responded to the attacks on their Indian empire by deploying Mustard Gas on the Iranian troops, which significantly slowed the advance.

The western front

Jerusalem was the crosssroads between Europe, Asia and Africa; like Winnipeg, it was a vital strategic city. So the Iranians launched Operation Zulfiquar (Hitler is an American---Version 1). The axis were so scared of the Iranians that they got the Saudis to attack Iran, but since the Iranians had a very capable military compared to Saudi Arabia's this did not work out so well, and Iran captured all of the Middle east by the end of the war. Jewish Zionist Partisan groups would oppose the Iranians in Jerusalem for many years to come.

Nuclear devastation

Iran tested a nuclear bomb in early 1943, and this gave them a considerable advantage over the Germans and British. But Italy was their main target, which led to an A-16 bomber deploying a single nuclear warhead over Rome and simply incinerating it.

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