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The Medwedian Armed Forces (Medwedian World)

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Den Medwedisk Forsvaret
The Medwedian Armed Forces
Timeline: Medwedian World
Headquarters: Medwed City
Commander-in-Chief: Marshal Otto Tønvigg
Minister of Defence: Marshal Odd Vornbjerg
Branches: Federal Air Force (Luftforsvaret) , Federal Infantry Corps (Infanterikorps) , Federal Navy (Sørvaret) , Federal Space Force (Rumforsvaret) , Federal Intelligence (MBI)
Active personnel: 3.000.000
Reserve personnel: 1.400.000
Deployed: 150.000
Annual budget: 134 Billions of M$
Founded in: 1769
Ages qualified for service: 18-100
Available for service: 85.000.000
Fit for service: 75.000.000
Reaching age / yr: 30.000.000
Conscription law: Proffessional
Time of service: At least 5 years
Domestic suppliers: Føderalværk

Siberiges Værk Armejes Wapenkorps

Supplying countries: Russia, USA, UK, China

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