Major Media Outlets

FOX News Corp.

  • Originally The most popular news corporation in America, FOX nearly lost its license to broadcast once it was confirmed that the Project for the New American Century had given talking points to members of the organization. FOX still retains its status as #1 in the nation in spite of the NeoCongate scandal.

ABC News

  • Much like most of the mainstream media, ABC is rapidly losing ground with the Internet. Most would equate the most recent loss in viewers to the disgraceful primary race where Senator Obama was asked, "does reverend Wright love America as much as you do?" the debate was declared a disaster and an example of the idiot media (the term liberal media has been replaced) distracting from substance and showing favoritism towards Obama.


  • Considered somewhat more liberal as a media agency, MSNBC has been losing ground against some of the former giants of the media industry, though many believe it is simply the last bastion of those who simply do not trust FOX and President Edwards.


  • Considered by many (though less and less every week) to be one of the last credible sources of information on TV, CNN has begun shifting to an all internet news outlet.

A subsidiary of YouTube, founded in 2007. currently it stands as one of the largest News outlets on the Internet, containing multiple independent castors i.e. The Young Turks, Philip DeFranco, etc.

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