The year is early 2002, and following a sharp economic downturn, Iceland is vulnerable. The United States, nucleumitophobic after the recent 9/11 attacks, decides to expand their nation into Iceland. Not wanting to wage war with the Americans, the Icelandic government cooperates. After minor occupation begins to seep into Iceland, the new government of Iceland experiences a subtle and unexpected semi-violent series of attempted coup d'etats beginning south of Reyjavik and continuing into the city itself. The revolts themselves are headed by four young men, the leader of which, one Nathan E. Goldwag, demands a complete overthrow of new government. Riot control police are directed to end the violent outbursts, but more and more people throughout the suburban communities of the city are getting involved. Finally, after fires are set off in a particularly nasty coup, the current president Olaf Grimmorsky is forced to engage the revolutionists in armed combat. The Great Massacre of Iceland 2003 occurs on the East side of the Great Pond in Reyjavik, and near one hundred people are killed by government forces. Shorty following that, yet another more violent rebellion is launched, this one involving the use of homemade weapons. The coup is somewhat successful, and the Reyjavik occupation is taken over by the rebellious subjects who call themselves "The Nathanists" after their leader.


The Nathanists firmly establish a parliamentary system headed by their leader, and begin to meet frequently to discuss holding Iceland. After this rebellion is broadcast overseas, the U.S. begins to prepare for war, but before troops are launched, a massive complete-country takeover of Iceland is begun. All those who oppose the Nathanists, including the remaining American and Icelandic soldiers, are either killed or captured. The captured are thrown into man-made prison camps built by the now determined citizens of Iceland. The U.S. recognizes the extremity of the situation and instead, holds an emergency UN meeting with the Security Council, and personally invites Nathan as a temporary P5 member, to discuss what his future plans are, and convince him to give up his empire non-violently, as they fear another full-scale war. Nathan refuses to meet with the UN in person, and so measures are taken to broadcast his replies to the meeting by video. His transcripted address is as followed:

"My fellow nations. All who must realize how great a feat we have accomplished here in Iceland are surely the intelligent ones. I am telling each and everyone of you. The takeover of this meager country from the superpower of the world was only the beginning of my planned regime. Wage war if you must, but I am certain you will fail. I promise those who join---you--". *THE BROADCAST IS CUT OFF*

The UN is disturbed by the radical extremity of Nathan's proposed plan. They decided instead of involving themselves in war, to cut off all resources to Iceland, and end trade their immediately. President Bush holds an emergency meeting with his staff, and discusses his new "Economic Isolation to Starvation" plan. The plan is to further isolate Iceland, until its economy falls apart, and a civil war erupts, severely weakening the country to the point of outside invasion.


As the year unfolds, the country, as predicted by President Bush, begins to weaken. Under Nathan's established Social Democracy, people divulged in their own rights. People become lethargic, and soon do not attend work. Food is stolen from stores, and money is thrown around like paper. The image of a "free" nation has convinced the citizens of the new Nathanist Iceland that they do not have to do any work, especially under their Democracy.

To counter President Bush's plan, Nathan soon established the "Nathanian Democracy". The Nathanian democracy is very close to Jean-Jacques Rousseau's social contract, the emperor and some members of the government will decide the goal of society and the proper behaviour of the people. The people who does not recognize the emperor, or people who does not follow the rules established by the government, will not granted any rights (which includes owning any form of properties, the right to go on trial before charged by law...etc). If one does not agree with the idea, they may leave the country.

A few riots broke out, but is soon suppressed. Having no other places to go, 98% of the Iceland residents stayed and accepted the Nathanian Democracy. After being able to have full support of the people, Nathan started a total reformation in Iceland.


As the new year starts, Canada began to suffer from a series of civil disorders throughout the province of Quebec. The Quebecois have long been restless under the rule of the English speaking Canadians and, with the support of the new Icelandic government, decided to rebel. Within a few weeks, the Canadian Nathanian Organization (CNO) declares Quebec independent from Canada. The Canadian Army immediately invades Quebec. They did not fear Iceland because they knew Iceland had always had a small army. Because of this, they were shocked when thousands of newly trained Nathanian soldiers, almost fanatic in their devotion to Nathan, pour into Quebec. The Canadian Army suffers a massive series of routs and within three months, is forced to recognize Quebec as a free nation. Quebec then immediately became part of the Nathanian Empire.


Meanwhile, America is experiencing a change in the stability of it's own government. A Canadian-born New York senator named Gail Harding has begun speaking out against the government's lack of immediate intervention. He believes what the USA needs is to directly stop the Empire from spreading. He makes his infamous analogy in a particular speech in December of 2007:

"And because of our government's lack of effort, lack of ability, lack of power, we have failed ourselves. Instead of taming the beast, we have let it roam free to learn from it's own mistakes, mistakes that we will soon share. And so I say we should end it now, with steel and blood, as we have ended every threat that has intruded upon this great nation."

Harding begins his own political party known as the American NECRO or the Nathanist Elimination and Citizens Response Organization. At once, his demoralization of the Nathanists is apparent, as he refuses o acknowledge them as citizens of anything. Propaganda begins circulating. with small independently produced campaign commercials depicting the Nathanists as Fascist revolutionaries. One particular advertisement even compares Nathan as the next generation Mussolini who would, as the ad suggested, "not stop until the world was burning." This exaggeration of the Nathanist ideology is so convincing to the frightened American public that a month after the party is formed, it dominates electoral polls with votes from 35 states. Harding, now the most powerful man on the senate, begins his campaign to run against Barack Hussein Obama II and John Sidney McCain III in an independent party devoted to wiping the "conquering radicals" off the face of the earth.



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