Flag Of Belgium-Netherlands

Flag Of Belgium-Netherlands/Benelux kingdom

September 3rd 1995- November 16th 1996

On September 3rd 1995, the king of the Netherlands Radalf Von Luxembourg whom as well as his ancestors ruled Luxembourg. but the war of the Lesser Antilles meant he and his government had became bankrupt, and in order to remain on the throne he offered to sell Luxembourg by order of the parliament. Two countries offered to buy Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany. However, the king in outrage of the offer from Germany which the parliament would except due to the German Dutch alliance,(deeply valued by the Dutch) revolted against the parliament with half the army. Belgium in support of King Radalf declared war on the Netherlands.

Germany responded by bombing Brussels, however this proved ineffective due to Belgium's capture of Luxembourg and barrlenassu the following day. In fact, by September the 4th Belgium Completely occupied the Netherlands, with the help of king Radalf's army. Germany pleaded with the U.N to stop this war but Belgium Refused, and continued to occupy the Netherlands into 1996 with little to no disturbance Germany, this was largely due to Germans fear of an invasion in support of Belgium.

During this time, Belgium decided to change its flag incorporating the flag of the Netherlands, and creating a dual monarchy to go with the flag, with the name Belgian-Netherlands/ Benelux Kingdoms. Germany Desperately Asked its allies to attack the New kingdom but they all refused. Germany got so desperate that it attempted to pay Switerland to do so, but they refused. Germany's people became anxious constantly fearing attacks from the British or Belgians but this panic ended when the King of Belgium Leopold the 3rd offered peace, however it was refused, and the Germans no longer fearing attack from the British, took Luxembourg and Limburg. The U.N then demanded that Belgium Release Luxembourg to the U.N, by the threat that if they disobeyed they would declare war on them. Belgium then Agreed and made peace with its former enemy Germany By Ceding them a island within the Dutch Antilles.

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