Lunar Base

The Chinese listening device

The Luna's showdown was a was a nine-day confrontation in April 2014 between the Asian Block on one side and the Western block on the other side. The crisis is generally regarded as the moment in which The Second Cold War  was in the First moment in which both sides were ready for another World War.

Balance of Power

Keqiang increased the military buildup that the Premier before him started. The Hanoi agreement did have medium-range ballistic missiles in quantity, nearly 500 medium-range ballistic missiles. Overall, the United States had a very considerable advantage in total number of nuclear warheads (18,000 against 7600) at the time and, more importantly, have all the technologies needed to deliver them accurately.

The United States also leads in missile defensive capabilities, Naval and Air power; but the Hanoi agreement enjoys a three-to-one advantage in conventional ground forces, much more pronounced in field guns and tanks (particularly in the Chinese European border theater).

Chinese soldiers mobilizing


A Chinese listening device and a Chinese collaborator were discovered by the Defense Intelligence Agency, on April 3 in The American Grissom's base by a chance. The listening device was in the top secret military base tasked with experimenting new WMD to use. After a close check, investigators discovered inside of the listening device a nuclear bomb rigged to blow when given the order. The United States in response decided on a military blockade of the Chinese base in the moon out of overwhelming anger. The US announced that the Chinese have crossed a line too far, and demanded a Chinese retribution.

The Americans held only a slim hope that the Beijing would agree to their demands, and expected a military confrontation. These fears were underpinned the next day, As the Chinese military mobilized to war. However, in secret back-channel communications the President and Premier initiated a proposal to resolve the crisis.

The confrontation ended on April 12, when the President and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reached an agreement with the Premier. Publicly, the Chinese would pay funds as a kind of punishment and in exchange for a US public declaration and agreement never to invade the Chinese Base. Secretly, the US also agreed that it would dismantle all US-built IRBMs, armed with nuclear warheads near the Chinese Border.

The blockade was formally ended at 6:45 pm EST on April 15. The tense negotiations between the United States and the Republic of China pointed out that the Second Cold War is much deadlier then the First one. As a side effect, the First Proxy first proxy war happened two years after.

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