1769: A group of men who did not wish to see France lose control of Louisiana to Spain launched a coup against the Spanish Governor Ulloa, and would have succeeded if it hadn't been for Gilbert Antoine de St. Maxent, a Spanish sympathiser, who betrayed the conspiracy. Seeing as how he was arrested for conspiracy that year in October, what if he had been executed?

Led by the green General Pierre Marquis, in order to prevent a Spanish army of 2000 from landing on the shores of New Orleans, leads an army of militiamen 3000 strong and defeats the Spanish General O'Reilly in the Battle of New Orleans Plains. The Spanish formally grant the colony independence in the Treaty of Boston in 1770, and temporary monarch Denis-Nicolas Foucault hopes that Louis XV will retake Louisiana. However, his minister to France, Jean Mihlet, reports that the king is uninterested in Louisiana.

1771: King Denis-Nicolas of Louisiana launches a bold new proposal due to the small amounts of citizens: Native Americans will be given citizenship if they pay their taxes in food, clothing, etc. which would be sold by the government for revenue, and if they did a mandatory five-year stint in the Louisianan Army. All non-Louisianan citizens would be taken from Louisiana. Surprisingly it works extremely well and most Natives remain on their home soil

1774: Britain decides that Louisiana looks like an easy victory and invades. Although they capture New Orleans, King Denis-Nicolas flees to Des Arc to the north and Louisiana sends the British under General Horatio Gates fleeing to the colonies.

1776: After a few minor battles, Britain signs the Treaty of Copenhagen and surrenders the war to Louisiana. America declares its independence after Britain decides to tax them more after the lost war. Opposition to war is fierce in Britain because they just lost a war to an insignificant nation.

1778: After losing the Battle of Saratoga, Britain calls for a ceasefire and officially grants American independence on December 25th.

1781: Realising that he's in ill health, King Denis-Nicolas sets up a semi-democratic system to choose his heir: all the governors of the provinces of Louisiana would choose between them who the next monarch would be.

1783: King Denis-Nicolas dies and Henrique Chevalier, governor of Missouri, becomes King Henrique I

1785: Inspired by rebellions overseas, Maximilian Robespierre and the Radicals overthrow Louis XVI and take over France, launching the Reign of Terror in France.

1788: Fearing a conspiracy, Robespierre executes his allies on the guillotine. A soldier by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte flees to Louisiana to start a new life in politics there.

1790: Robespierre focuses his attention on Louisiana and regaining it for France. However, after years of neglect from France, Louisiana no longer wishes to be a part of France. Robespierre and his French "Republic" declare war on Louisiana.

1791: France is defeated by Louisiana in the Battle of New Orleans, re-inforcements capture and kill King Henrique I. Governor Guy Martin assumes the throne.

1793: General Napoleon Bonaparte of Louisiana crushes the French Army in the Battle of St. Louis and becomes a war hero for Louisiana.

1794: Napoleon wins the Third Battle of New Orleans and France surrenders. Louisiana gains Haiti in the Treaty of Lisbon.

1796: Robespierre invades the Netherlands and Belgium, France is crushed by a joint force of Austrian, Prussian and British troops. Napoleon becomes the governor of Grand Orleans in Louisiana.

1797: Robespierre is executed by guillotine and France is unwillingly restored to a monarchy.

1800: King Guy I dies, Napoleon is named King of Louisiana.

1801:Napoleon invades America, Louisiana reaches Washington D.C. and burns it down. President Madison is killed and Aaron Burr becomes President of America in New York.

1802: Napoleon sacks New York and Aaron Burr is killed, without a president, America collapses into anarchy. Britain, fearing an invasion of Canada, declares war on Louisiana.

1803: The capitol of Louisiana is moved to St. Louis. Napoleon invades Canada and captures York (Toronto).

1804: Ottawa falls into Louisianan hands, Britain surrenders all its American colonies in the Treaty of Moscow.

1809: Napoleon finishes the successful conquest of New Spain to the south. The Grande Arc de Triumph is completed in St. Louis, becoming the largest arch in world history by dwarfing even the Great Wall in height.

1812: Brazil is conquered by Napoleons legions, the New World is completely united under Louisiana.

1822: Napoleon dies and Louisiana mourns, Governor Yves Depaul of Quebec becomes king.

1831: Russia conquers Austria and Germany, Britain and France begin a thirty year long struggle against the Czar.

1848: Yves I dies, Governor Thomas de Rivière becomes king.

1868: The long war with Russia results in a stalemate.

1869: Thomas I dies, Governor Tȟašúŋke Witkó, or Crazy Horse, of Sioux becomes king.

1872: King Tȟašúŋke launches an invasion of Hawaii.

1874: Crazy Horse outlaws slavery in Louisiana, a small rebellion is put down nearly immediately.

1878: More Native American temples begin to appear across Louisiana.

1881: Polygamy in Louisiana is declared legal by Crazy Horse, Mormons rejoice.

1887: France and Britain declare war on Louisiana.

1888: Ireland is invaded by 100,000 Louisianan soldiers who easily take the island.

1890: Paris falls as well does London, Britain and France are about to surrender when Russia comes to their temporary aid.

1892: Louisianan forces reach Warsaw, Britain and France surrender in the Treaty of Stockholm.

1893: Russia surrenders in the Treaty of Riga.

1900: Crazy Horse has a new monument built in St. Louis: The Torch of Victory.

1910: Japan opens up to the Western World.

1914: Britain and France engage in a war, Louisiana gets dragged in after the Arcadia is sunk by British submarines.

1918: Britain surrenders what becomes known as World War 2.

1924: Crazy Horse dies of old age, Governor Chessy Nimitz of Mexico becomes king.

1929: The New Orleans Stock Exchange crashes, leading to worldwide depression.

1933: Adolf Hitler leads a Fascist rebellion against the Russian Czardom, British elect British Union of Fascists Party leader Oswald Mosely as Prime Minister.

1935: Russian Czar is executed and Hitler takes over.. Prime Minister Mosely dissolves the monarchy and declares himself as The Penultimate.

1938: Russia and Britain invade France and Spain.

1939: Holocaust begins in Russia where the NASORURA (Natsional-sotsialisticheskaya russkikh rabochikh) Party begins to kill millions of innocent people.

1940: Louisiana declares war on Russia and Britain.

1946: After 6 years of war on the homeland, Louisiana drops the Atomic Bombs on London, Moscow and St. Hittlersburg, killing Mosely and Hitler.

1947: World War 3 ends when Russia and Britain are reduced in territory and militarily in the Treaty of Kyoto.

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