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On January, 21st 1924, Vladamir "Lenin" Ulyanov dies due to repeated strokes incurred due to wounds inflicted by assassination attempts and mental strain. He was 53 years old. In the wake of his death, his young nation mourned as Joseph Stalin took control using deception and bribery. Under his influence, the new Communist state is demented into an absolute dictatorship, the Soviet dream turned into the twisted nightmare history remembers it as.

But what if Lenin's second assassination attempt went slightly differently, and Lenin lived a full life? How would history look if Stalin had never industrialized Russia and the Socialist revolution had actually been more Socialist. How would the world be different during and after The Long Life of Lenin?

Point of Divergence (POD)

The year is 1916, on the Eastern front, a single bullet fired from a German rifle is touched by fate. It's trajectory changes less than a foot, but it is enough to cause the bullet to miss Russian soldier Aleksei Chernigov, hitting his comrade standing next to him. Aleksei killed and forgotten in OTL, but here survives the war for another year before being sent home due to cholera. He returns to his family farm and later goes on to change history.

On August 30th, 1918 Aleksei approaches Lenin after a speech at The Hammer and Sickle, a factory in Moscow. Despite being a veteran of the late Czar's Imperial Army, he was swept up in the Revolution. A avid supporter, Aleksei begins talking with Lenin mere minutes before Fanny Kaplan, an Esers (A Bolshevik Faction) supporter, approaches them and fires three shots at the Communist leader. Upon seeing the gun, Aleksei instinctively leaps in front of Vladimir, drawing the handheld sickle he had brought to the speech in support of the revolution.

The first round fired from Kaplan's Browning pistol misses Lenin, passing through the outer seams of Aleksei's coat. The second impacts Lenin in his right upper arm, the third strikes the face of the upheld sickle, ricocheting into the factory wall. Lenin falls to his knees in the street.

In reaction, Alexsei then hurls the sickle at Kaplan. It impacts her midsection, piercing her liver, spleen and left kidney. She collapses and bleeds out at the scene. Lenin is immediately rushed to the hospital, but traffic in the city and in the hospital delays Lenin's treatment by over twelve hours. Vladimir is conscious the whole time, and was described to be incredible pain. By the time he is finally administered treatment, Lenin's arm has become infected, and must be amputated approximately two inches above the elbow.

Over the following days, Lenin recovers fully. He gives a speech in Moscow on the 6th of September, proudly displaying his wound, declaring that he had "Lost his right fist of Capitalism." and was now "Truly free to liberate the Russian People."

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