A Brief Introduction

The Lobadanus are a species I made in Human Evolution 3.0. They lasted 90,000 years, until they were wiped out by a combination of famine and plague. I was sad to lose my species, so I asked the creator of the game, Bobalugee, if I could make a separate AH about these guys. He said yeah, so I made an AH about these furballs. This is, in essence, is an Alternate History of an Alternate History (Alternate History-ception?) So, without further ado, this is The Lobadanus.

The Species

The Lobadanus come from Ireland. while they are more common in the south, they are present all over. They are around 5-8 feet tall, but they can grow to be 10 feet tall. they prefer to live in forests, but they are quite adaptable, and have been observed living mountains and even deserts. They are actually rather similar to dogs in their appearance, having paws rather than hands, and they have a coat of fur. However, they have opposable thumbs, and they have a primitive language. They are also migratory creatures in their early lives, often travelling hundreds of miles, until they reach middle age, at which stage they settle down and often breed. their average lifespan is 59-78, depending on their health and living conditions. Their are rumors and unconfirmed evidence of Lobadanuses living to the ripe old age of 90. They are intelligent animals for the most part, but they are occasionally prone to making blatant errors when faced with challenges. They are also extremely protective of their young, often disembowelling their own cattle when they stray too near to their offspring.



The Lobadanus evolve from quadrepeds to bi-pedal animals, after a devastating plague forces the species to refine its gene pool by killing off most of the weaker Lobadanuses. The local tribe leaders enact a breeding plan, to replace the many tribe members lost to the plague. though the plan saves many Lobadanus tribes from extinction, the numbers gained do not fully replace the ones killed in the plague. Though the Lobadanus survive, they stay a small, unprominent species are thousands of years.


The Lobadanus in OTL Dublin unify into a single tribe. Their king, Dackem, orders the sending of a party to the landmass east of their home. when they arrive using their newly invented rafts, they find themselves in OTL Wales. liking their surroundings, they decide to stay, against Dackem's orders. In Ireland, the Lobadanus experience a population boom. within 100 years, the population of the Irish Lobadanus rises from 11 million to 27 million. Then, the Lobadanus learn the art of farming crops and cattle. soon, instead of immediately killing, cooking and eating the wild cows thsey find, they keep them, and soon, fields full of cows near Lobadanus territory are a common sight, as are fields of crops feeding dozens of Lobadanuses each.


The Lobadanus in OTL Wales begin a large territory expansion campaign. 50 years after the campaign begins, all of Wales is Lobadanus territory. then, as the Lobadanus population in Wales increases, many of them move east, to OTL England. Due to the lack of caves to dwell in, they begin to build small houses out of stone and wood. this becomes the norm throughout Lobadanus lands in Britain, and then, makeshift spears become common in OTL Wales. Many Lobadanus males carry them around, and soon they begin to wear clothing, to replace their fur, which can become wet when travelling in the rain.


A Lobadanus king, named Ichlor, unifies all of Ireland. Though there is a minor conflict in 2,466,500, with a tribe near OTL Galway, there is no other trouble. soon, he makes a move to unify the rest of the Lobadanus territory. there is no violent trouble with any of them, and soon all of "Leranda", as Ichlor christens the new Lobadanus nation, is peaceful and prosperous. at this time, the Lobadanus species goes through an evolution, gaining larger brains, and longer and stronger legs, which allowed the Lobadanus to climb and solve problems faster, as well as allowing their language to become more sophisticated. then, Ichlor sends colonists to OTL Normandy. Within a few centuries, the colony is thriving and they are moving south to take over the rest of France.


The Ichlor family is overthrown by another family, led by a Lobadanus named Watal, who assassinate the major members of the family and take over. Then, they rule with an iron fist, creating an official Lobadanus Army and recruiting some of the crueller elements of Lobadanus society, such as thieves and murderers. They are given the best weapons and armor, and then are sent to control the Lobadanus territories. soon, there are reports of towns being burned down and Lobadanuses being killed all over Leranda, and then, in 2,449,990, after a decade of oppression, the Lobadanuses rise up, and massacre the Watal family, all of them. a council takes over, and the Lobadanus Army is halved in size, so that they will not play such a large role in the Lobadanus way of life. The Lobadanus Council rules fairly, and the Lobadanus in France begin to take over the whole country, and by the end of the century, the entire country, and parts of others, are Lobadanus land. it is around this time that the Falkards make contact with Lobadanus soldiers. The Falkards are a race of creatures coming from OTL Russia, and by the time they had made contact with the Lobadanus, they had colonized all of Eastern Europe, including Germany, Italy, Northern Africa, Scandinavia, most of Siberia, Mongolia, much of China, and Japan and a small part of south-eastern Asia. they are much more migratory than the Lobadanus, and they can run faster than even ATL cheetahs, and they have razor-sharp tail barbs, which they use to kill their prey. They have been in existence for over 50,000 years longer than the Lobadanus, allowing them to gain more ground. though the ones in the West are peaceful, the Eastern Falkards are very hostile to any other species. The Western and Eastern Falkards are often at war with each other, fighting brutally, often along the Ural Mountains, though sometimes one side would gain an advantage and advance past them. The Lobadanus establish diplomatic relations with Western Falkards, and they begin to speak about terms for an alliance.


During a sailing trip to the island north of Britain, a Lobadanus party witnesses a volcano eruption. They escape with their lives, and they return with tales of a fire-spewing mountain, with rivers of flowing death. soon, there are many variations on this story. There are also horrific stories of Eastern Falkard attacks on Western Falkard towns and cities from Lobadanus scouts returning from Western Falkard territory. the Lobadanus Council debates sending soldiers to the Western Falkards to help them fight off the Eastern Falkards. the motion fails, though only just. The Western Falkards continue to suffer terrible attacks from the Eastern Falkards. then, the West Falkards begin a counter-attack against the East Falkards. the two are, by 2,441,980, locked in combat in OTL Ukraine. When the West Falkards advance past Ukraine, the East Falkards surrender. this war, fiercer than many of the others, was the last for over 50,000 years against the two Falkards. There were some unofficial wars, though, against groups of Falkards that had broken off from the primary ones.


The Lobadanus, after many thousands of years, decide to return to the island of fire-spewing mountains. They find life reasonably easy, with their fur coats and tolerance to cold weather, they decide to stay, despite their fear of the dangerous fire-spewing mountains. Though towns are occasionally destroyed by the dangerous mountains, the Lobadanus develop evacuation techniques for the towns built near the mountains, to avoid losing too many people to the eruptions. These work well, and Lobadanuses being killed by the eruptions is quite rare. The Lobadanus in Spain begin to covertly move through Western Falkard territory, so they can colonize the land to the south, Central Africa. the Western Falkards, though peaceful, do not appreciate unauthorized trips through their territory. The Lobadanuses get through successfully, though, and colonize northern Cameroon. The Western Falkards never learn of this until all of Central Africa is under Lobadanus control. they are very surprised, but they do not do anything.


The Western Falkards form an official military navy, using newly invented spear-propellers as weapons. They give the technology to the Lobadanus, as a token of their friendship. The Lobadanus Navy begins to patrol the waters between the Lobadanus territories. After some newer, more advanced models of ship are built, they begin to coordinate raids on the Eastern Falkards in OTL Finland. many East Falkards are killed in these raids, but they are unable to do anything about it. The Lobadanus in Central Africa move south, to claim the southern part of Africa for themselves. they fail, as they encounter a new species known as the Amarians. having six legs, and standing 10 feet on average, they have very strong grips and usually kill their prey by strangling them. Though the Lobadanus have superior numbers, many are killed by the Amarians and they withdraw from Southern Africa. The Amarians are actually native to OTL India, but they are now rare in their homeland as a mass migration began into 2,520,000, when a famine forced the strongest of the species to leave their families behind in search of a new home. they are always hostile to the Lobadanus, becoming a permanent part of Southern Africa, being too primitive to actively attack the Lobadanus, but too tough for the Lobadanus to overtake.


The Lobadanus Army is given new armor, made of metal. this helps them in keeping the Amarians at bay. They also get rough swords, which help even more. they begin to thin out the Amarians' numbers some, though they suffer quite heavy losses. The Amarians are pushed back to OTL Southern Kenya and South Africa, at least for the time being. They will go further in later years, but the tug-of-war continues. The Lobadanus in Europe are allowed to send troops to help fend off the advancing Eastern Falkards

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