The Life of Bill Clinton, 1972-2005 (Vice President Rodham-Douglas)

POD: Early 1972: Bill Clinton & Hillary Rodham have been dating for some months. After she discovers an act of infidelity on his part, the relationship falls apart.

1972: Clinton works on the 1972 Texas George McGovern campaign.

1973: After graduating from Yale Law School, Clinton moves back to Arkansas and becomes a law professor at the University of Arkanas. In late 1973 he meets Amanda Morrison, another professor at the university. They begin dating.

1974: After debating running for the U.S. House of Representatives, Clinton runs for and wins a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives

1975: Amanda and Bill marry.

1976: Clinton becomes Arkansas Attorney General, easily defeating his Republican opponent.

1977: Bill and Amanda have their first child, a son named Alexander.

1978: Clinton decides to run for governor of Arkansas. He wins both the nomination and the election easily, and becomes one of the youngest governors in American history at only 32.

1980: In the spring, the Clintons have their 2nd child, a daughter named Elizabeth. In November Clinton wins re-election as governor in an unusually close election, as he barely gets 51% of the vote.

1981-1982: Clinton's life and governorship is rocked by an infidelity scandal. A woman named Donna Dunsmore comes forth to the media saying that she has had an affair with the governor for the past three years. At first, Clinton denies the reports and claims this is a smear campaign propagated by his political enemies. However, the writing is on the wall when Dunsmore produces hotel room receipts, letters Clinton had sent her, and finally a recorded phone call with sexually explicit material

The scandal further explodes when another woman comes forth claiming a one-night stand with the governor. She has no evidence, but on the heels of the Dunsmore story, it only damns Clinton further.

1982: Clinton announces he will not run for re-election. He does not, however, resign. He and Amanda separate and begin to live separate lives.

1983: The Clintons divorce, with Amanda retaining custody of the childen.

1983-1985: Clinton works in a law firm in Little Rock. He also does work for the Arkansas Democratic Party.

1985: Clinton enter into a relationship with a Little Rock businesswoman, Michelle Templeton. They marry just before Christmas and stay married for the rest of Clinton's life. They have no children, however.

1986: Clinton decides to run for the Arkansas State Senate. Surprising everyone, he wins handily.

1990: Clinton wins re-election. A year later, he becomes the Senate Majority Leader in the Democrat-dominated Arkansas state Senate. After the victory of Republican governor Jeff Donovan in 1992, Clinton becomes the leading opposition figure in the state.

1990s: Clinton wins re-election in 94' and '98. He becomes a key figure in Arkansas politics and in the Arkansas Democratic party. He considers running for Governor again in 1996, but does not, in light of his past. Donovan is defeated by a Democrat, Fred Douglas.

There are no rumours of infidelity in Clinton's marriage, and he and Michelle are reportedly happily married.

2002: Clinton wins re-election but decides to surrender his post as Majority Leader.

Late 2004: Clinton announces that he will not be running for re-election in 2006. He is considering taking on a position again at the University of Arkansas in his political retirement.

February 12th, 2005: Clinton suffers a massive heart attack and dies at the age of 59.

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