Nazi Soldiers by Eco Flex

Strong German troops were raised and pulled from the front to defend Berlin

The Battle of Berlin marked the beginning of the end of World War 2. However, what if it did not end in a month, and the Germans were able to inflict severe damage to Soviet armies in its last battle? Fighting to the last man, to its last breath. The battle becomes very bloody and brutal.

The end

Most like Hitler were unable to accept Germany's defeat. However, it became a reality when he committed suicide, and left the people of Berlin to deal with the mighty Russian army. Although unable to muster a large enough force to drive the Soviets back, they were able to gather a considerable force which would be able to inflict severe damage to the Red Army. Fighting to the last men was the main objective; however, this would prevent further resistance, so reserves were allowed to be made, which was able to hold 500 men.

Soviet invasion

The time had arrived: the massive Soviet army, looking for extreme revenge for the invasion of their motherland, came crushing down on the German capital, except the Germans were ready with heavy machine guns firing and hand-to-hand fighting, by which after less then an hour, the first wave had been defeated and were forced to withdraw.

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