The great and invincible kingdom of Hawaii is the state on the Hawaii archipelago. It stretches out over the whole Polynesia and Melanesia. The capital of the state is Honolulu located on the Hawaii island. It is also the largest city of this industrial 25 million nation that was founded in the beginning of XIXth century and after that conquered most of the Pacific Islands using help of the British fleet. Heavily depending on Britain, the nation became a British-Japanese protectorate which led to rapid growth of Japanese and Indian population due to active immigration. Fought on British side during both world wars and regained independence in 1948. After that it kept friendly relationships with its former rulers and even allowed their military bases to stay. Allowed British to test their nuclear bombs on its territory - in exchange the British gave them the nuclear technologies and one aircraft carrier. During the protectorate period the British and Japanese companies built lots of industrial facilities there. After gaining independence it became the gainer of US, German and Russian investors, so the successful development continued.


The economy is based on textile and food industry. The main export of the country is fish products. Main import machinery and automobiles.

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