Flag of Denmark


Two proud kingdoms united under one banner! Once, this kingdom hated both the British and the French (after the days when those Pro-French Kings were murdered) but after great British Support in the war against Sweden, Denmark-Norway is strongly Pro-British. The alliance with Britain solves not one, but two problems. British interests in Greenland and Iceland have been stopped, and these colonies are very secure. Indeed, the British are giving food to the poor Greenlanders. But Denmark-Norway cannot afford to look across the Atlantic at this moment. Indeed, Russia is more of a threat than ever before. To prevent the Russians from attacking, the High King, is considering giving recently conquered Finland, to the Russians. Finland is no use to the Norwegians or the Danes. The Russians, however, need those ports to once again emerge from isolation. War seems to be brewing in Central Europe, and Denmark-Norway has no intention of joining. But Britain may drag this mighty empire into it ...

Denmark-Norway is the brown nation in far northern Europe

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