The Italian Union is a country on the Italian peninsula and is one of Europe's major powers. It is a constitutional republic with a monarch as the figurehead, but the Prime Minister is head of government.

L'Unione Italiani/The Italian Union
Motto: "Una Volta un Sogno, Ora una Realta" - "Once a dream, now a reality"- Union Founder Camilo di Cavour

Capital: Rome

Language: Italian, Sicilian, French
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Type of government: Presidential republic

Head of State and Government: President Giuseppe Saracco

Established: 1894
The Italian Union began as the Kingdom of Italy under King Emmanuel II of Piedmont-Sardinia. In 1893 the new Prime Minister of the kingdom Count Camilo di Cavour began to lobby the French to release the constrai

The Union's flag after unification in 1894

nts of Italy as a puppet state. It was soon granted and Cavour's first course of action was to annex the neighboring Kingdom of Naples, thereby unifying the peninsula under a single regime. After the annexation of Naples, Cavour dissolved the KOI and proclaimed the new Italian Union; He dreamed of unifying the peninsula and achieved it. Cavour's regime was generally peaceful with only one conflict over imprisoned Italians in the Ottoman Empire, which was resolved peacefully. Prime Minister Cavour's regime was shortlived, as he died the year after in 1895 of a heart attack. His funeral was a mass event in Rome, with thousands upon thousands of mourning civilians walking the streets of Rome paying their respects to their beloved L'UNIFICATORE(Grand Unifier in Italian). The funeral was presided over by the Pope and other important Vatican officials.

The new prime minister, Antonio di Rudini, took office in 1895; He joined an invasion of Austria-Hungary in 1896 with the new Italian Army he and Cavour improved and began to call it LA SFORZA(The Italian Force). Rudini mobilized La Sforza and invaded A-H and helped Poland to liberate the abused Poles in Galicia. The war raged on as the Union advanced into the western Austro-Hungarian provinces however the Italians became weary of war and voted PM Rudini out of office in the 1897 elections.

The Italians voted a diplomatically minded Prime MInister into office named Luigi Pelloux. By summer 1897 PM Pelloux pulled La Sforza out of Austria and signed a peace treaty. Pelloux gained popularity for leaving an unpopular war and began to modernize and industrialize his country. In the following years, Italy began economic reform and supported the Zionist cause. PM Pelloux signed trade agreements and alliances with Prussia and Austria-Hungary to repair relations after such a war.

To catch up to other powers in terms of naval power, the Union's previous prime ministers commissioned a secret naval project due to be finished in 1899. Finally when the year came, Prime Minister Pelloux unveilled LA SFORZA NAUTICA (The Nautical Force), an Italian-brand warship that was efficient yet powerful enough to compete with the navies off other countries. During this time the Union mass-produced these warships

At the turn of the century, PM Pelloux began research of dreadnoughts. However his term ended in 1900 and he did not seek reelection. His successor was Prime Minister Giuseppe Saracco. Saracco continued the research of dreadnoughts and presented his plan to make Italy a major power by greatly improving the nation in every way, particularly military wise. Following Poland's massive display of the power of their chemical weapons in the Middle East, Saracco decided that the Union would have chemical weapons as well and by 1902 he was mass-producing arsenals full of chemical shells. After his success with chlorine in chemical weapons, he began to research the use of phosgene and mustard gas. Saracco swore not to use the weapons for petty reasons like the Poles after the powers of Europe convened to limit them. In 1902, the first Italian dreadnought was unveiled naming it LA ROMANA. PM Saracco continued to empower Italy by expanding chemical arsenals and unveiling Italy's second dreadnought, IL CONQUISTATORE, in december of 1902. Due to his mass popularity and current programs to further strenghten Italy, Prime Minister Saracco was reelected by a landslide at the end of his term in 1903.

After being reelected PM Saracco continued to modernize and industrialize the country, a testimony to his dedication to making the Union a powerful force in Europe. Around the second half of 1903 research into phosgene and mustard gas had been completed and were integrated into La Sforza's arsenals in secret locations throughout the country. During this time the Poles, another chemical power in Europe, were experiencing mass negativity from their overuse of chemical warfare; Saracco promised once again to not do this however we did use his elevated power status to threaten war on the Slavic countries. In 1904 Britain threatened the US with a joint invasion with them and the CSA. As the two most powerful nations in Western Europe, France and the Union threatened Britain with war if an invasion of the US was achieved.

Beginning in the Fall of 1904, the Union gave Italian North Africa(the Union's only colony) status as a province of Italy and even held elections that gave rise to a native governor. The Economy grew strong and the Union produced its third dreadnought named IL MENTORE. Due to the expanded economy, La Sforza and La Sforza Nauticas' budgets were increased. In continuing the frustrations with Britain's threat of an invasion of the US, PM Saracco began funding Islamic rebel groups in British territory in the Middle East.

In 1905, the Union began research into airships as well as a secret project beginning by both of the Sforzas of the Union. In a close election, Prime Minister Saracco defeated the challenger former prime minister Pelloux after a hard campaign. This was Saracco's intended final term, as all Italian prime ministers are limited to 3 terms either consecutively or non-consecutively. As he began his final term, Saracco had brought the Union to become a major european power; He caused the economy to boom, he increased Italian power, and he upped Italian naval power with the launch of 5 dreadnoughts in 1905. In 1906, the Union continued to fund rebel groups in British holdings that vied for independence. Also in 1906 was the creation of an airplane for the Forze Armate(Armed Forces). With this came the third sforza, known as La Sforza Aeria(The Aerial Force).

1907 marked a major change for the Union. PM Saracco, with approval ratings at 95%, forced the King to abdicate and created a presidential republic with himself as president. In an effort to increase the status of his own country and France, President Saracco offered to create a joint nuclear studies program. France accepted.

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