The Islamic Republic of Janistan
Timeline: Carl's Alternate History

OTL equivalent: Central Asia
Flag of Janistan Emblem of Janistan
Flag of Janistan Emblem of Janistan
Location of Janistan (Dark Green)

For Allah and Our Country (Janistaninese

  • Russian)
Anthem "My Janistan"
Capital Ashgabat
Largest city Tashkent
  • Russian
  others Hindi
  • Chinese
  • English
Shitte Muslim
  others Russian Orthodox
  • Catholism
Ethnic Groups
  • Tajik
  others Janistanian
  • Russian
Government Parliamentry-Semi Presidental Republic
  legislature Parliament
Supreme Chancellor Lek Helsin
President Yolis Uzjan
3,000,000 km²
  water (%) 15%
Population 70,000,000 
Established 1929
Independence from China
  declared 1929
  recognized Recognized
Annexation to Soviet Union
  date 1957
Currency Jastanian Tenge
Time Zone DST 3+
  summer DST 3+
Calling Code +837
Internet TLD .ts
Organizations UN
  • OPEC
  • OECD
Janistan is a large nation located in Central Asia. It borders China, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kazakhstan. It is one of the worlds largest producers of oil, potassium and gold. It has a population of 70,000,000 living on 3,000,000 sq km of desert and steppes. Most of the populace live in cities but there is still a large amount of the population ruralised. For an Asian country it has a very high HDI of 0.939. The people are also very well off with a GDP per capita of 1.8 trillion.


Janistan can trace its history back to 869 AD when the area was under the control of Sultan Farzwa Jamal III. He controlled an empire stretching as far as New Delhi. After his rule it eventually shrank to the size of Uzbekistan after several crushing defeats to Mongols and Chinese soldiers.

But then in 1394 it came under the rule of Sultan Yamaz Wawa IV who reacaptured Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and a part of Kazakhstan. China agreed to a peace settlement and later the Mongols. After 40 years of military build-up Iran and Afghanistan were invaded in a huge invasion totalling 90,000 men. The Iranians and Afhghans surrendered but in doing so handed over most of their countries.

For a period of about 500 years there was a quiet time in Janistanian history. However in 1900, it was invaded by China and was completely consumed. In 1929 it gained independence when China collapsed into civil war. It was then invaded again in 1957 by the Soviet Union and split up into Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Eventually in 1990 it gained independence yet again and launched itself into an economic boom tripleing its economy. This brings us to present day Janistan.


Janistan is mainly flat desert and steppe. Although it does contain some mountains from the Himalayas. It surrounds the Aral Sea and has a coastline on the Caspian Sea.


Year Population
1300 2,000,000


1500 16,000,000
1600 28,000,000
1700 37,000,000
1800 51,000,000
1900 70,000,000

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