During the opposition to the Iraq War, Bush decides that he won't tolerate anti-American protests in the United States and orders the military police to fire upon the protesters. This is where the United States becomes a police state. (still in progress, advice would be helpful)



  • January 16th
    • 12:23 pm - Anti-war protesters attended the rally in the National Mall in Washington D.C.
    • 12:24 pm - George W. Bush was informed about the protest and orders the military police to fire upon the protesters.
    • 12:30 pm - United States military police troopers arrived at the National Mall and fired upon the protesters, the death toll is 89. It is called the Anti-War Protest Massacre.
  • January 17th - Bush passes the law that bans anti-war protests.
  • January 20th - Bush also passes the 28th Amendment that repeals the 22nd Amendment and gives him a life-long term in office.
  • February 12th - Protesters rebel against Bush's new laws by causing riots in various towns and cities across the nation.
  • February 13th - George W. Bush issues the military police force to put an end to the riots.
  • February 14th - Military police forces in various cities open fire upon the protesters, the death toll is 373, it was known as the Second St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
  • February 15th - The United States of America becomes a police state.
  • February 16th - The United States Police Force is created in order to preserve law and order in the US.


  • May 17th - Filmmaker Michael Moore releases a movie called "America in the Toilet", which shows the ways of the United States government.
  • May 18th - Bush becomes enraged by the anti-American film and he sends out the police to arrest Michael Moore.
  • May 19th - Michael Moore is found guilty of mocking the United States and executed by hanging.
  • May 20th - The Westboro Baptist Church, a hate group were arrested by the United States Police Force, put on trial and found guilty for badmouthing the United States of America and executed.
  • May 21st - Michael Moore's execution and the WBC executions are put on live TV, which warns the rest of the nation that anyone badmouthing the USA will be put to death.
  • May 22nd - Bush passes the 'Punishment' law that enforces death penalties across the nation, therefore repealing the 'Protected Speech' law.
  • May 23rd - Bush orders the MP to round up all of the Muslims in the US.
  • May 26th - Hundreds of Muslims are rounded up and executed by fire bombs.
  • May 27th - Bush passes a fierce immigration law which ensures that any illegal immigrants caught will either be transfered back to Mexico or executed.
  • May 30th - Bush orders nuclear missiles to be re-built from old ones.
  • June 1st - All of the illegal immigrants are captured and ordered to be transported back to Mexico, but it then changes to execution, in order not to let Mexico attack any of the major areas near the US-Mexico border.
  • June 10th - Bush threatens the governments of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan with the destruction of the Middle East, if they don't give him the whereabouts of Bin Laden.
  • June 11th - Bush orders a missile to be launched at Tehran, Iran. At 12:00 Noon, Tehran is destroyed.
  • June 19th - US forces bombed several cities in the Middle East while assisting Israel, the Middle East refused to let the 'Americans' take what they want.


  • January 24th - In outrage, the Northeastern States secede from the United States, declaring themselves an independent state known as the New England Federation.
  • February 14th - Texas and California soon follow suit, declaring sovereignty and reforming their old countries.
  • March 16th - The Second American Civil War begins.

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