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The Incan Empire
Timeline: The Greater Americas (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Peru, parts of Bolivia and Ecuador. Colonies include all of Portugal, Tasmania, Iceland, Spain, most of Italy, part of Greece, and some of Japan.
Inca Flag.jpg Inca Coat of arms
Flag Coat of Arms

Chaypiwan inti llipipimuy. (Quechua)
("There with the Sunrise.")

Capital Cuzco
Largest city Cuzco
Other cities Lima, Chan Chan, Toledo, Quito, Rome, Kyoto, Constantinople
  others Iberian, Patagonian, Basque, Italian, Greek, Italian, Aztec
Incan Pantheon
  others Catholic Christianity, Aztec Pantheon, Mayan Pantheon
Ethnic Groups
  others Iberian, Italian, Tasmanian Aboriginal, Japanese, Greek, Aztec
Demonym Incan
Government Absolute Monarchy
Emperor Túpac Amaru IV (781 - 847)

Sayri Tupac II (847 - )

  Royal house: Sapa Inca
Population Approx. 32 Million 
Established 260 G.A. (1197 A.D.)
Currency Incan Inti
Organizations South American Union
The Incan Empire is a large nation located in the center of the Andes Mountains. First established in 260 G.A. as the Kingdom of Cuzco, the empire would expand and become the strongest nation in South America. Currently the empire is still expanding, with fleets of soldiers and settlers colonising the continent of Eu'ropa along with the Japanese Islands.

General Information


The head of state is the Emperor, who controls the military and conducts diplomacy with foreign nations. Most Incan citizens don't question his authority or decisions, because they believe that he and his family are children of the sun god. This has left the Emperor free to do what he wants in matters of state, but also allows him unlimited power outside the court as well. The Emperor is assisted by generals, officials and provincial governors.


The Incan Military is divided into two sections, the Army and the Navy. The Army is considered to be the strongest of South America while the Navy is third, behind Antillia and Patagon. Currently the Empire has a draft in effect requiring all able-bodied men ages 18-42 to be in the military. Recently the standard military tactic is for small groups armed with rifles to kill enemy formations from long distance or cover while horse-mounted cavalry flank the enemy and cut them to pieces. Discipline among the military is harsh and soldiers are given orders not to loot conquered territories or interact with the natives until after they have become citizens on pain of death.


The Incan religion states that the Incas are the Chosen of the Sun, so egotistical attitudes along with racism are common in everyday society. Both the upper and middle classes believe that the Incas are the most civilized and cultures people of the Earth. This attitude, while increasing morale and national pride at home, has hurt the Incas in both international diplomacy and on the battlefield.


Religion plays a huge role in the lives of the Incas but perhaps not as much as the Aztecs. For years the Inca pantheon of gods was the only legal religion and is still the only one with government sponsorship. Recently, with a larger population of Iberians and Italians, Christianity has also been recognised as a legal religion of the Empire. After the Aztec Empire banned their native religion, a large group of Aztecs fled to the Empire, bringing their religion and language.


Early on in the history of the Empire the Emperor realised that advanced technology was key to winning wars. Nowadays the Army is the most technologically advanced army on the planet, being the only army with cavalry, grenades, and revolving cannons. The main center for scientific research is the National Academy for Alchemy and Chemistry in Cuzco.

Political Divisions

The Incan Empire is currently made up of three separate nations.

Flag Nation Capital
Flag of Cusco Kingdom of Cuzco Cuzco
Flag of Chimu Kingdom of Chimor Chan Chan
Flag of the North American Union.svg South Andean Union Perquenco

Foreign Relations


The Incan Empire has had friendly relations with the Kingdom of Antillia, and the two nations were founding members of the South American Union.


The Incan Empire has had very friendly relations with Patagon, and consider them their best ally. Both nations were founding members of the South American Union.

United Amazon

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