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In June 28, 1914, Gavrilo Princip fired the bullet that would lodge itself into Archduke Franz Ferdinand's skull. But what if this never happened? What if none of it happened? Welcome to the world of the Impossible Entente, a world where one war changed the face of the world completely

This TL has several PODs. Together, these PODs tell an alternate story of the first world war.

  • The first POD really has no time of origin. In this POD, Austria Hungary gains a more centralized position of leadership, and develops a military, that is strategically organized and technologically advanced, putting it along the lines of being as powerful as the German Empire.
  • The second POD takes place after the Second Opium War. After the Qing Dynasty's second loss to the British Empire, rebels storm the capital, executing the entire imperial bloodline and forming a more moderate nationalistic constitution, that would favor the five races better, instead of persecuting them. However, the constitution is still primitive, and would not be refined for another 20 years. This POD will not affect Japan's modernization, as Meiji's advisors, fearing for their dignity and their own positions in the hierarchy, would be even more pushed into modernizing the country.
  • The third POD takes place in 1866, Instead of Prussia declaring war on France, German unification is achieved through an Austro-Prussian war, thus straining Germany’s relation with Austria Hungary. However, this version of Germany is noticeably weaker than OTL’s. France makes a short-lived alliance with Russia, but abandons the alliance to join Britain in the Great Game. As Russia’s power-lust become more and more visible, The newly formed German Empire decides to align itself with Britain and France, putting away their hereditary enmity for a secure alliance, forming the Entente Cordiale.
  • The fourth POD takes place 20 years after the first POD, intimidated by the rising powers in Europe, and the new powers in East Asia, insurgents and peasants actively protest for government reform. When Mehmed refuses to meet the demands of the insurgents, they actively rebel and overthrow the Ottoman Emperor, creating the new Turkish Republic. Together, they, China and Austria-Hungary form the Dreifach Pakt.
  • The fifth POD takes place in 1898. Japan decides to practice its foreign expansion policy by purchasing the Philippines. This takes a huge blow on Japan’s government spending as cuts have been made to the military.
  • The sixth POD takes place in 1905. Due to cuts in government funding of the Japanese Military and Naval forces (and a last ditch attempt by Russia, by not sending the 2nd Pacific Squadron), Russia wins the Russo-Japanese war. This results Russia forcing Japan to form the final WWI alliance, the Grand Coalition with Italy, and it also postpones the 1905 revolution for another six years, weakening both, Russia’s economy, and its military.
  • The seventh and final POD takes place in 1908. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin dies a premature death. This act alone causes Trotsky to switch to the Bolshevik Party; and through various public speeches, he rises to the position of “Party Leader”, cutting Stalin off from a position of power, forever.

These scenarios may seem implausible, unthinkable, absurd even. But one might call it, impossible.

Now without further adieu, Enjoy:


Timeline (The Impossible Entente

Nations (The Impossible Entente

Portal (The Impossible Entente)

Wars (The Impossible Entente)

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