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Blood and Steel ({{{language}}})

Anthem "For the Emperor"
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Present Day, 2010

World 2010

In the year 2010 the Imperium or English Empire is ruled by Emperor William V. The world's foremost superpower, the Imperium is unrivaled by any individual country with the exception of China. The world enjoys great stability due to Pax Imperius 'and the Free Trade Alliance which helps relationships between nations and monitors the global economic situation.

European powers have maintained great influence abroad, since the kind of debilitating collapse that occurred after the World Wars never occurred. The majority of the African continent remains under the nominal control of European powers but is mostly self governed.


Uniting the Island

William the Conqueror was no fool and recognised that the best way to ensure the stability of his realm was to continue the conquest of the British Isles using the momentum he already possessed. Encouraging more knights from France to join him he set about a conquest of all Britain. Much like Charlemagne before him the use of an overwhelming amount of cavalry against opponents who had none proved decisive. So great was his success that he was able to pay off the costs of his campaign by selling land to nobles in France provided they swore loyalty to him which served the dual purpose of filling his coffers and further destabilising the French throne.

The Conquest of France

The Crusades

The Catholic-Protestant Wars


Crushing Rebellion



War with the Grand Coalition

The Free Trade Alliance

The Golden Age