Officially considered disbanded, as the founder state (Byzantine Empire), agreed to its end with a peace treaty.

The Imperial League is an organization formed in 520 CE by the Byzantines, the Vandals and the Persians. The League now includes the West Slavic Confederation, who joined as of 525 CE, and the Gothic Empire, who joined five years after that. Although a primary goal has not yet been established for the Imperial League, it remains a powerful force in the world, and members are loyal and active.

Following the Imperial Betrayal in 575 CE, the Gothic Empire breaks away from the league and forms its own counter-alliance, The High Council of Europe .


A list of all members of the Imperial League, founding, active and honorary.

Founding members

These members were the original three who first founded the League. They remain arguably the most important nations in the League, and the world. In voting, one vote from each of these members will count as 1.5 votes when votes are counted.

  • The Byzantine Empire
  • The Vandals (now the Carthaginian Empire)
  • The Persian Empire

Active Members

These members joined the League after its founding. They have influence in the League, and the world but are not as powerful as the found members. In voting, one vote from each of these members will count as one vote when votes are counted:

  • The West Slavic confederacy
  • The Gothic Empire

Honorary Members

These members are either A) members who have since left the League, or B) member nations of the League that no longer exist due to collapse or major government change. Because of this, these members do not get a vote when votes are counted, but can express their opinion.

  • None to date

The Imperial Games

The Imperial Games is a sporting event which takes place every five years. The 535, 540 and 545 bids are taking place on its talk page. The Imperial Games Page.


Nations in the League:

The West Slavic Confederation: Moves to limit membership in the League to six members until further notice - to prevent conflicts of interest between members.


  • The Gothic Empire


  • Persian Empire
  • Carthaginian Empire
  • Byzantine Empire: But we propose a two-third majority vote before every new member is accepted
  • West Slavic Confederacy: We change our vote, seeing as the Byzantine proposal is more reasonable.

Gothic claims on Brittany:

The Gothic Empire claims control over all of Brittany and would like to propose that any action against this by the Carthaginians be considered a break in the alliance and an open act of war.


  • The Gothic Empire


  • .

The Jutes would like to join the Imperial League:


  • The Gothic Empire


  • .

The Gupta Kingdom: Seeks to join the Imperial League, if possible, or become a partner of sorts.

Sorry, but that can't happen. Plausibly, you would not even be aware of the Imperial League, due to your nation's separation from Europe and the other members. Perhaps in a few hundred years, though. Agent of Doom

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