What would happen if ideologies were combined? For example, let's take Communism and Nazism and combine them together. I'm also planning to add alternate countries such as: The Second Kalmar Union. Now that's something interesting! For the sake of entertainment I included two new ideologies at the start.

Made by Zlello a.k.a HerrAeroPanda. (You can edit this page and add anything interesting that abides with the plot as long as you don't vandalize it or do anything bad that is stated in the wiki terms and conditions. I will delete anything that I don't like but don't worry I'm open for any ideas.)

The Takhist and Neuhaeusserism age.

The late 1700s.

-1789, After an unsuccessful revolution in France, France stays aristocratic for now ...

-1790, The second revolution of France begins.

-1799, The Second revolution of France is successful and overthrows the aristocratic regime. Napoleon Bonaparte declares himself to be the first President of the United States of the French Republic.

The 1800s.

-1850, A new ideology is formed in The Ottoman Empire by Yavuzgoba Bilgili is called "Takhism" which involves the representative of the religion or god will decide the actions of the empire.

-1852, The Ottoman Empire succumbs to a Civil war which is split into two parties, one is the Ottoman Empire the other is the The Takhist Party.

-November 1856, The Battle for Constantinople takes place, The Takhist Army loses, but agrees in a peace deal to split the empire between the Takhist and the Ottomans.

-December 1856, Constantinople is split between the two empires and is separated by a wall, while the Hagia Sophia is used for a gate between the two empires.

-1885, Cristoph Neuhaeusser establishes the ideology of Neuhaeusserism which involves a group of six people that are Military Commanders, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Economy, Minister of Growth and Development, Minister of Welfare and Minister of Propaganda to decide the country's decision.

-1889, The Neuhaeusserist Party overthrows the corrupt German Empire and sets Neuhaeusserism as the new ideology for the new country of the Union of Neuhaeusserist German Empire.

-1890, The second revolution of France takes place between the United States of French Republic and the French Neuhaeusser Party.

-July,1894 With U.N.G.E. military and financial support the second French revolution is successful and The Neuhaeusser Union of France is established.

-September,1894, The Paris Pact is signed, Both U.N.G.E. (Union of the Neuhaeusserist German Empire.) and The Neuhaeusser Union of France are now allies.

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