The Hounds of Alba

The Hounds of Alba is an extremist Celtic terrorist organization that, since the year 1992, has overtaken much of Western Scotland. The Hounds of Alba is a confederation of the Scottish Clans Donald, Campbell, Cameron, Maclean, Menzie, MacNab, Stewart, MacDougall, and Chattan. The HoA

primarily operates in the Scottish Highlands and Anglo-Scottish border, but is known to have frequent bombing campaigns in England and Mainland Europe.

The official insignia of the Hounds of Alba

Government System

The current 'High Chief' of the HoA's Provisional Government is Kenny MacAskill, but various Clan Chieftains have come together to form a council.

  • Donald Angus Cameron, 27th Lochiel
  • Torquhil Campbell
  • Godfrey James MacDonald
  • Jamie MacNab
  • Morag Morley MacDougal
  • Sir Lachlan Hector Charles Maclean
  • David Menzies
  • John Mackintosh

In order for the High Chief to perform a military or political action, the High Chief must receive 5/8ths of the Council of Chieftains' approval. If a decision is a tie, then it must be reviewed and broken by the same council.

Justice System

Territories under the control of the HoA are not known for their appeal, with most native Scottish, as well as immigrant Welsh, Irish, and Cornish citizens receiving the best attention, (I.E. Housing, medical care.) while any English citizens caught living withing are shot or deported at first sight. The HoA provides shelter and supplies to Celtic refugees from warzones, but the conditions are often not comfortable. The only law enforcement is the patrolling militia who often overreact to crime situations. When a criminal survives long enough to be brought to trial, the judging party is always composed of one religious leader, one normal citizen, one government official, and one affiliated soldier. Defendants are allowed to call anyone to their defense, as is the prosecution (which is made up solely of the victim). If a defendant is found guilty, the judging party will converse and decide on the punishment, which could be anything from a fine to mutilation.


17 March, 1991 - The HoA is formed

6 November, 1991 - The HoA engaged British troops for the first time at the Battle of the Lowlands

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