Note: Anything written in this is purely based on Nazi views, not my own, and by the way I think the Holocaust would've continued. My utmost respect and sympathy to those who died or survived the Holocaust for what they had to go through, and may it never happen again. The Holocaust is the term used when describing the genocide of approximately 20 million Jews and 5 million other 'unclean' minorities. This mass extermination of these races had been ordered by the first Führer, Adolf Hitler. By the year 2000 most of the Jews in the ex-Soviet Union and mainland Europe had been slaughtered and only 'Aryans', the 'perfect race' and non-aryans who were mainly the workers, survived.

All of the old concentration camps, apart from Auschwitz, were torn down and the area of land would be 'cleansed' as Jews had been there before. Auschwitz had been left to become a museum of how the 'evil Jews' had finally been gotten rid of in the Greater German Reich.

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