Lots of people ask this question. What if Hitler had been killed or didn't join 'Nazi Party or had become an artist? This try answer it with different scenarios for each incident. This being written by the author of a different leader so if you want one full story of one of the paradoxes then check that out'.

Hitler dies during World War 1. The Nazi party doesn't become as powerful meaning the Communist Party comes in charge in the 1932 election. World War 2 is fought between the Allies (Britain, France, Italy and Austria) vs the Axis (Soviet Union, The German Republic and the most of Eastern Europe). The Allies surrender after a two-year war (1940-1942) is waged which ends when the the elite German Red Guards storming Downing street and kills Winston Churchill. A sixth cold war is established between the Eurasian Republic and America. Then in 1948 America is invaded and Truman is shot. The worldwide Soviet Republic is formed and man lands on the Moon in 1962 and also lands on Mars in 1978.

Hitler is killed by bomb in 1936. Goring is killed along with Himmler and Fritz Todt. Reihard Heydrich is put in charge of the SS because he was at home with his children. Albert Speer because he was ill becomes Minster for Armaments. Rudolf Hess becomes the Führer of Germany. Because of this the Nazi party stops being as radical and becomes an authoritarian fascist party. The Anchluss happens still in 1938 but there is no Sudetenland takeover because Hess builds want to have more advanced army than Britain and France. Also there is no night of broken glass because Hess wants to have more men. Jewish Germans come back to Germany because of that and are allowed to join the army, navy and air force but not the Waffen SS until 1942. In 1941 Germany attacks France and Britain and Britain surrenders after Churchill is overthrown in coup by fascist and conservative party members. Lord Halifax becomes prime minster and Oswald Mosley the deputy prime minister. The royal family are exiled to Canada and Edward becomes king. In 1944 the German Reich invades Russia and captures Leningrad and Moscow.The war ends when Zhukov surrenders Stalingrad to the 6th SS panzer army and 6th army.

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