Point of Divergence

On June 22, 1941, Operation Barbarossa was launched, and the German invasion of the Soviet Union began. With the invasion being initially successful, Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler became much more confident, expressing his optimism that the war would soon be over. Sometime during the summer of 1941, his companion Eva Braun became pregnant. Hitler intended on his relationship with Braun to be kept a secret, but he decided to take the responsibilities of being a father. In October 1941, the two became officially married in a private ceremony. On May 25, 1942, Eva gave birth to Klaus Hitler in Berlin.

The Early Years

While Adolf was very proud of becoming a father, he was intent on keeping his child out of the public eye. Klaus spent much of his life in Germany with his mother at the Berghof, Adolf's private residence in Bavaria. In early April 1945, Eva traveled with her son to Berlin; at this point, Adolf knew that Germany was close to defeat. Fearing that his child may end up in Soviet hands, he ordered Oberleutnant zur See Heinz Schaeffer to transport Klaus safely out of the country. On April 13, the U-977 submarine left the Kiel harbor in northern Germany; less than a month later, Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allies, and the war in Europe officially ended.

Life in Argentina

On August 17, 1945, the U-977 arrived in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

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