Sep 1 - Germany invades Poland, World War 2 begins.

Sep 3 - Britain and France declare war on Germany.

Sep 8 - The US remains neutral but president Roosevelt declares "limited national emergency".

Sep 17 - Russia invades Poland

Sep 27 - Warsaw surrenders

Oct 6 - The last remaining Polish forces surrender

Nov 30 - Russia invades Finland


Jan 17 - The first German Enigma messages are decoded by British intelligence

Mar 12 - Russia-Finland war ends. It convinces Hitler that the Russian military is ineffective.

Apr 8 - Germany invades Denmark and Norway.

Apr 14 - British forces land in Narvik, Norway, but leave in 10 days

May 10 - Germany invades France, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg. Winston Churchill becomes Britain's prime minister.

May 20 - German forces reach the British Channel.

May 27 - Evacuation of British and French forces to Britain at Dunkirk begins.

Jun 4 - The evacuation at Dunkirk ends. 338,000 troops were rescued. Churchill declares that Britain will never surrender.

Jun 9- Norway surrenders

Jun 10 - Italy declares war on the collapsing France and on Britain.

Jun 14 - German troops march into Paris

Jun 18 - Russia invades Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Jun 22 - France surrenders

Jun 27 - Russia annexes the eastern regions of Romania.

Jul 1 - Germany invades the British Channel islands.

Jul 10 - The Battle of Britain air campaign begins.

Jul 18 - Churchill declares this is Britain's finest hour.

Aug 8 - The Luftwaffe begins to bomb British early warning radars

Aug 15 - The Royal Air Force loses 76 aircraft in one day

Aug 25 - British night bombers bomb Berlin

Sep 13 - Italy invades British-held Egypt from Libya, the North African campaign begins.

Sep 15 - The largest Luftwaffe daytime bombardment, the Royal Air Force loses an additional 112 aircraft

Sep 27 - Japan joins The Axis

Oct 7 - German troops enter their Ally Romania, Germany's only source of oil which is threatened by Russia

Oct 12 - Hitler gives commands ordering the commencement of Operation Sea Lion

Oct 23 - Spain rejects Hitler's offer to join the war and remains neutral.

Oct 28 - Italy invades Greece from Albania, but stopped, twice.

Nov 11 - British carrier aircraft sink Italian fleet in Taranto's harbor. Yamamoto in Japan is impressed by their success.

Nov 20 - Hungary and Romania, both military dictatorships, join The Axis.

Dec 9 - British forces in Egypt counter attack the Italians and advance along the Libyan coast


Feb 12 - Hitler sends Rommel and the Afrika Korps to help the Italians in North Africa

Mar 1 - Bulgaria joins The Axis. The Axis-Russian border now stretch from the Baltic sea to the black sea.

Mar 3 - Rommel attacks the British forces in North Africa.

Mar 5 - British troops arrive at Greece to support it.

Apr 6 - Germany invades Yugoslavia and Greece

Apr 13 - After military clashes, Japan and Russia sign non-aggression pact.

Apr 17 - Yugoslavia surrenders. British forces evacuate Greek mainland to Crete

Apr 27 - German troops occupy Athens

May 20 - German paratroopers and airborne troops invade Crete by air

May 31 - British forces in Crete surrender.

Jun 8 - British forces aided by Israeli volunteers invade French controlled Syria and Lebanon

Jun 22 - Germany invades Russia. Hitler cancels his 'maximum cruelty' strategy after talks with his generals.

Jul 3 - Stalin orders the "scorched earth" strategy.

Jul 16 - German army group "Center" takes Smolensk, just 220 miles from Moscow.

Jul 21 - The Luftwaffe bombs Moscow

Jul 24 - Japan invades French Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia)

Jul 31 - Hermann Göring is killed when a bomb explodes beneath his car.

Sep 15 - The long German siege of Leningrad begins.

Sep 18 - The Germans in the South occupy Kiev and reach the Crimea.

Oct 2 - German forward units in Moscow advance on the Kremlin.

Oct 4 - German infantry captures the Kremlin

Oct 16 - Soviet Premier Molotov is captured

Oct 17 - General Tojo becomes Japan's prime minister

Oct 26 - The Soviet government officially sets up temporary capital in Nvgorad

Dec 7 - The Japanese Navy attacks Pearl Harbor and the Philippines, and the US joins the war.


Jan 2 - Japanese forces occupy Manila

Jan 10 - Japanese forces invades Indonesia

Jan 11 - Japanese forces occupy Malaysia

Jan 12 - Japanese forces invade Burma

Jan 13 - German U-boats begin to sink ships along the US East coast.

Jan 21 - Rommel begins another offensive in North Africa.

Jan 25 - Japanese forces invade the Solomon Islands.

Jan 26 - US troops begin to arrive in Britain.

Feb 15 - Singapore surrenders to the Japanese.

Mar 20 - Relocation of Jews to Eastern Europe begins.

Apr 18 - Doolittle's raid - US bombers bomb Tokyo.

May 7 - Battle of the Coral Sea. One Japanese carrier and one American carrier are sunk.

May 6 - The last American troops in the Philippines surrender.

May 8 - The German spring offensive to head farther into Eastern Russia begins.

Jun 4 - The battle of Midway. Four Japanese carriers are sunk, and one American carrier. Japan's naval superiority is lost.

Jul 3 - Japanese forces land in Guadalcanal.

Jul 28 - Stalin forbids further Russian retreats, at any cost.

Aug 7 - US forces land in Guadalcanal.

Aug 13 - Montgomery becomes commander of the British 8th army in North Africa.

Aug 23 - The German 6th army reach Stalingrad, the battle of Stalingrad begins.

Sep 6 - The German advance in Stalingrad is stopped.

Sep 23 - The battle of El Alamein in North Africa begins.

Nov 8 - Allied forces land in western North Africa, at Rommel's back.

Nov 19 - The Russian flanking counter attack around Stalingrad begins.

Dec 19 - The Germans fail to break the encirclement of their army in Stalingrad.


Feb 2 - The last Soviet forces in Stalingrad surrender

May 13 - The long North Africa campaign ends. The Allies control North Africa

Jul 5 - The battle of Kursk begins

Jul 10 - The Allies invade Sicily. German troops pour into Italy, dampening Allied hopes of victory on the peninsula

Jul 25 - Mussolini is replaced and arrested.

Aug 10 - The Germans know the Enigma was decoded, but believe the new types and procedures are safe again.

Sep 3 - The Allies invade Italy's mainland

Sep 8 - Italy surrenders. The German forces in northern and central Italy occupy it

Sep 25 - The Russians liberate Smolensk

Oct - Allied anti submarine bases established in the Azores, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

Nov 6 - The Soviet Army faces mass revolts on the Eastern country

Nov 19 - The Marines land in Tarawa

Nov - Rommel takes command of the "atlantic wall" in the French coast


Jan 22 - Axis reinforcements swarm allied positions in Italy

Mar - The Soviet general Zukov is killed during During advances on Soviet positions

Apr 10 - The Germans begin aerial bombing of Nziv Nvgrod

May - Allied bombers begin to concentrate on the German fuel industry

Jun 6 - German forces begin the siege of Nvgrod

Jun 12 - 1st German V-1 cruise missile attack on Britain

Jun 15 - The U.S Marines land in Saipan

Jun 19 - Battle of the Philippine Sea

Jun 22 - The Whermacht captures Nziv Nvgorod

Jul 21 - Hitler appoints General Guderian to chief of the army (OKH). The Marines land in Guam

Jul 24 - The Marines land in Tinian

Jul 28 - The Russians reach the old German-Russian border in central Poland

Aug 1 - Warsaw revolts against the Germans

Aug 15 - The Allies land in southern France

Aug 23 - Romania surrenders to the Russians. Its oil fields were Germany's only source of natural oil

Aug - Royal Air Force aircraft finally drive the last German aircraft from British skies

Sep 6 - Finland and Bulgaria surrenders to the Russians

Sep 8 - 1st German V-2 ballistic missile attack on Britain

Oct 10 - The Germans continue to advance towards the Ural Mountains

Oct 20 - The Marines land in Leyte, in the Philippines. In response, the Japanese Navy begins to use Kamikaze suicide pilots.

Nov 14 - B-29 bombers begin to bomb Tokyo from bases in the Mariana islands


Jan 9 - The Marines land in Luzon in the Philippines

Jan 23 - The Germans finally end their Eastern advance at the Ural Mountains

Jan 27 - Negotiations between the Soviet Union's remnants and the Reich commence

Feb 13 - The Soviet Union and the Third Reich sign an unconditional cease fire

Feb 19 - The Marines land in Iwo Jima

Mar 4 - Manila is liberated

Mar 6 - With a stalemate on the western front debates begin in British parliament to seek peace with Germany

Mar 16 - The battle of Iwo Jima ends

Mar 27 - V-2 missile attacks end in an effort to influence British parliament

Apr 6 - The Marines land in Okinawa. Japan orders all its forces to use Kamikaze suicide tactic

Apr 7 - The super battleship Yamato is sunk on its way to a Kamikaze fight in Okinawa

Apr 12 - President Roosevelt dies.

Apr 16 - Soviet/German peace conditions are finalized

Apr 30 - Adolf Hitler commits suicide in his bunker in Berlin. He appoints Admiral Dönitz as his successor.

May 8 - Britain agrees to a formal cease fire with Germany

May 28 - 450 B-29 bombers bomb Yokohama

Jun 2 - 660 B-29 bombers bomb Japanese cities

Jun 21 - Battle of Okinawa ends

Jul 16 - The US tests the atomic bomb in New Mexico. It works.

Aug 6 - Hiroshima is destroyed by an atomic bomb

Aug 8 - Russia declares war on Japan

Aug 9 - Nagasaki is destroyed by an atomic bomb

Aug 14 - Japan surrenders. The Second Great War ends.

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