Founding And History of the Imperial High Court.

The founding of the Imperial High Court can be traced down to the

High Imperial Court

High Imperial Court of The Holy Roman Empire

agreement of the two nations of Bavaria and England. Later the Emperor would agree to the resolution, and in 1462 the Court was born.


  • Birth of the Imperial High Court by Imperial Order, founded and supported by Bavaria and England.


  • Court holds its first trial. The Trial of Savoy vs The Holy Roman Empire.


  • The first Trial of the Court, the Trial of Savoy vs The Holy Roman Empire continues to progress.
  • The Court votes on the Bavaria Plan to determine the structure and organization of the Court.
  • Holy Roman Empire vs. Luxembourg begins.
  • Vote on the Heresy Issue of 1462


  • Savoy vs. The Holy Roman Empire is resolved.
  • The Bavaria Plan and Calais' Plan, merge and is voted on as the primary means of election, and ruling of the Court.
  • The Heretic Trial is finalized and resolves to impose an Inquisition on the north in order to 'weed out' heresy.
  • Talks stalemate regarding the Luxembourg case.

Rules of the Court *(subject to change)

  1. There are six counselors, all chosen by the Emperor by proposal of the states' courts, and with knowledge of Roman and canon law.
  2. One extra counselor is chosen by the Pope between people who have received Holy Orders.
  3. The Head Justice, the Executor of Justice, is chosen by the Emperor alone.
  4. The justice's terms shall be twelve years, and they may be re-elected.
  5. Any case may be elevated to the High Imperial Court by the Emperor, the Executor of Justice, two counselors or five prince-electors.
  6. Anyone can appeal to the High Imperial Court, except on matters not concerning Imperial jurisdiction (such as taxes or succession).
  7. The parts shall present case, after which the counselors shall sanction verdict by two thirds their signatures.
  8. If agreement is impossible, then a new trial shall be called. If agreement remains impossible, a panel formed of the twenty wealthiest men of the states with no connection to the case and equal estate and range to the accused parts will decide. No-one will be judged for a crime he has already been proved innocent for.
  9. By now, and until a new Imperial Law on the matter is sanctioned, by decree of the Executor of Justice, any case solved by the High Imperial Court is officially closed, and cannot be reopened.
  10. More rules will be added later depending on the Imperial Laws approved.


  • Executor of Justice: Hendrick von Main (Lorraine; Galaguerra1).
  • Counselors Temporal:
    • Otto von Maderg (Austria, Mawilda)
    • Johan Shmidt (Bavaria, Andr3w777).
    • Brandenburg, Scrawland Scribblescratch.
    • Calais, Galaguerra1.
    • Stefano Visconti (Milan, Bauglir Zero).
    • Octar Romalia (Venice, Scandinator)
  • Counselor Spiritual: Vacant.


Post here if you want to appeal before the High Imperial Court.


Savoy vs The Holy Roman Empire

According to this hearing, Savoy has committed acts of treason against the Holy Roman Empire and has influenced other states in accordance with it. What should be the verdict? It should also be mentioned that Savoy was not completely at fault; the Swiss have also been involved in these acts.



  • Bavaria
  • Milan
  • Genoa
  • Calais
  • Tyrolia

Not Guilty

  • Switzerland
  • Venice

Resolution: in light of the recent developments, Bavaria proposes that Savoy be re-admitted, with a lay period of about two to three years in which they will be monitored. After that Savoy will be made an Elector.


Okay, we seem to be at a near impasse. Venice, and Switzerland can you please state your case in effort to avoid a hung jury?

Switzerland inadvertently caused the rebellion by trying to vassalize Savoy. I Am Walrus (talk) 23:34, September 19, 2012 (UTC)

Okay as a matter of inquiry. What should we do in regards to the vassalization attempts, as it is the ultimate cause of the war. Also once Savoy is defeated, do we allow a peaceful re-admittance, or do we divide the nation up into smaller nation states?Andr3w777 (talk) 00:26, September 20, 2012 (UTC)

I would rather have the nation divided, the Emperor should take an Imperial Territory for it. Swiss should be punish by forbidding it to bribing any nation against for the next fifteen years. --Galaguerra1 (talk) 03:01, September 20, 2012 (UTC)

I'm thinking that we occupy it for a few years, make them sign the treaty, and vassalise them to the emperor or something. Monster Pumpkin (talk) 03:06, September 20, 2012 (UTC)

I would say to ask Savoy to return with the promise of full independence from now on would work in achieving a peaceful resolution. Scandinator (talk) 15:04, September 20, 2012 (UTC)

If there are no further Nays, it will have to be the ruling of the Court to declare guilty, and establish a just resolution/punishment for the offending party.Andr3w777 (talk) 11:54, September 20, 2012 (UTC)

Heresy in the North

As of this hearing, a new form of Christianity is forming in the northern parts of the country. What should be done in regards to this new religious presence?



  • Milan
  • Calais
  • Bavaria
  • Venice
  • Austria
  • Tyrolia
  • Brandenburg
  • Luxembourg (in vassalized force)

Not Guilty:


It is now the decision of the High Imperial Court of the Sacri Romani Imperii(Holy Roman Empire), to pass judgment this day on those whom would destroy the Faith and allow anarchy to reign, We declare the Heretics guilty of inciting violence against Man and God. It is the Court's solemn duty to declare that a Holy Inquisition to curb the heretic threat. On this day, any hybrid heretic caught will be given a choice, renounce their false faith and turn back to God and the Church, or die to purify their souls. Ut Dei voluntas fiat(let it be as God's will)


It appears that none disagree? If so we must determine the resolution, Bavaria believes nothing short of a Holy Inquisition will ensure stability. The Heretics are like the plague, they cannot be allowed to spread.Andr3w777 (talk) 00:28, September 20, 2012 (UTC)

I agree. An Inquisition must be raised and ruled by the Emperor to stop this heresies. --Galaguerra1 (talk) 03:01, September 20, 2012 (UTC)

Okay. It will be done. Monster Pumpkin (talk) 03:06, September 20, 2012 (UTC)

Venice vs. the Italian League on the Republic of Florence

On the recent development of events, I, Hendrick von Main, Executor of Justice of the Holy Roman Empire, shall open the following case to decide once at all the destiny of our sister Republic of Florence in the current dispute taking place between both our sister Most Serene Republic of Venice and the states of the Italian League (Duchy of Asti, Republic of Genoa, Duchy of Milan, Duchy of Montferrat, Monastic City-State of Pessaro, Duchy of Saluces, Kingdom of Savoy and the non-imperial Kingdom of Naples and States of the Church).

Venice shall defend by itself, and the Italian League shall elect one of its states, one belonging to the Empire, to represent it on the trial.

Until decision is made, I grant the Holy Emperor of the Romans, Wilhelm the First, always August, the right to command an immediate occupation of the Republic of Florence, issued by the Imperial Army. The police, army, militia, navy and all civil services of the Republic shall remain under direct imperial control until a verdict is achieved.

Year 1510 of Our Lord, Hendrick von Main, Executor of Justice of the Holy Roman Empire. --Galaguerra1 (talk) 04:53, November 4, 2012 (UTC)

Venice's case

I, the Venetian diplomat, Tommaso Maitire, shall put forward the Venetian case.

By the end of the 15th century, Florentine resentment of the corrupt Medici family had reached a boiling point (like OTL) and there were many plots to replace them with radical members of the faith or other equally corrupt families. The Venetian troops having been weakened by the War of Succession were in no shape to help the ordinary Florentines, so the Doge called on the Fugger banks to disrupt the Medici controlled Florentine economy. With their financial collapse, the control they held over Florence crumbled hastening the power struggle in Florence. Venetian diplomats then brokered deals with many upper-class Florentines to merge the two republics, as many in Florence wished not to allow absolute hereditary rule as the weakened rule of Florence made Naples and Milan wish to annex it or to allow the hyper-religious members of the Florentine elite to seize power nor to let another Medici family take power. The Florentine Senate voted 63% in favour of joining the only two Italian democracies and we wish the HRE will recognize this peaceful union of nations.

This peaceful union between the two states is necessary as Venice has lost much power and prestige in the recent conflict against the Caliphate. The Byzantines also have declared full independence from Venice and thus Venetian power is waning. We hope that with Florence and Venice united we can strengthen the Eastern border of the Empire and prepare for the inevitable war against the Caliphate and reclaim Europe for Christianity.

Tl;dr: Venetian banks collapsed the corrupt Medici family. Diplomats negotiated a union. Reason we need Florence and Venice united is to preserve democracy in Italy and strengthen the Eastern HRE.

Italian League's case

I, Ludovico I Sforza, Duke of Milan and representative of the Italian League, am here to explain the League's case and sustain it to the High Imperial Court.

During recent years member of the Republic of Florence has been corrupted by a foreign (and greedy) force, bribery, blackmail, use of influences and more where used to corrupt the moral of the upper class in Florence. The Florentines where cast out from their own government and a group of sold bourgeois opened many doors to the foreign force. The Medici family and many of the most honorable and catholic citizens of the Republic, headed by Piero de Medici find out about this intervention of a foreign nation when the Fugger family (known for their unscrupulous ways to do business and their no interest in the low classes) started a long-planned campaign to destabilize the Florentine economy, destroying the wealth many citizens lived before and stealing the wealth the Florentine citizens had earn righteousness.

The Duchy of Milan looking at how the greedy family of the Fugger where directing an attack against its friends the Medici decided to intervene and uncover the Venetian puppets who where disrupting the politics and the economy of Florence, when it was known that the Florentine armies where under Venetian control, so soldiers where bring to support the merchants and citizens affected by unfair competence and the corrupt police forces in the state, but a group of sold citizens used Venetian money to hire those soldiers and mercenaries to impose the Venetian law in the Republic.

After that the Republic of Genoa and the Kingdom of Naples tried to support the few honorable and catholic citizens in the State, especially since most peasants manifest rejecting Venetian powers and their own corrupted government. But the Venetian forces imposed their law in the State and subjugated the opposition.

Then the Duchy of Milan attempted to stop the chaos where Florence was falling by helping the most Catholic and respectful citizens of the State to create a more clean, sinless and less corrupt government with better relations with the church and prevent the State to fall in the claws of the Venetian imperialism and the Fugger unscrupulousness. When the Duchy attempted to do that the Venetian government suddenly start to sabotaging the economies of the League using their accomplices, the Fugger to do that.

Nonetheless the League tried to help the righteous citizens to remain independent from mercantilism. The Venetian Imperialism threatened by the actions of the League decided to continue his illegal economic war against the League, adding to his offenses the fact of threaten different State of the Empire with sinking their ships and restricting their passage through imperial territory with the purpose of scare to submission the Italian League.

So I, the Duke of Milan ask the Court to consider the real reason of the Venetians intervening in a sovereign state of the Holy Roman Empire, it is not altruism nor sacrifice for the Empire's good, it is ambition and greed, products of a society without catholic esteem, respect for the Imperial Law nor idea of what fair competition is.


Here, every player, part or not part of the case, may post, informally, as common commentaries. Don't forget signing.

Court Discussion

After hear the cases of both parties, I, Hendrick von Main, Executor of Justice of the Holy Roman Empire, have decided that both Venice is a threat for every states that holds desires for true independence in the Italian Peninsula and the Italian League is a threat for Venice and every state defying.

As head of this Court I propose the following resolution:

The Republic of Florence will not exist anymore, but be annexed into the Most Serene Republic of Venice, that shall control all institutions and services formerly possessed by such State, except for the police and banks. The merchant and military fleets and army of Florence will pass to Venice as well. As Florence will be no longer a State the Elector of Venice obtains no votes in the Conclave. Florence will either keep a Senate legislating on matters of local concern or have its patricians participating in the Signoria and the Consiglio Maggiore of Venice. Venice will hold all the functionaries of the Republic in their positions, but is authorized to conduct an investigation on corruption and heresy in the Florentine territories. Venice has the right to impose its tribunals in Florence.

The Italian League will receive ownership of the banks of the former Republic of Florence, still it shall pay the debts held by them, including those owed to mercenaries, but excluding those owed to Jews. The Italian League also receives control of the Merchant Guild of the Republic of Florence and the exclusive right to tax the Florentine Jews.

The Imperial Government will retain control of the police and public roads of Florence.

The sister Republic of Pimbino, ungoverned as well, will pass to the Italian League, and their member will decide which State should hold governance in the country.

All the Imperial States of the Italian Peninsula will join the Italian League, which members shall regulate mutually their commercial activity upon rules themselves shall write.

It is, from now on, forbidden to every State of the Empire to occupy or impose blockades or embargoes to another without the consent of the Emperor of the Romans, always August.

This I decree, in the year 1514 of Our Lord. --Galaguerra1 (talk) 03:51, November 8, 2012 (UTC)


Ok, vote Aye if you agree to the proposed resolution or Nay if you disagree and want to propose or vote for a different one. Anyway, the states enabled to vote are Austria, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Calais, Milan and Venice, plus me as Executor. Don't forget to sign so we know it's you.


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