Herman cain

President Cain in 2013.

This alternative history explores the possibility of Herman Cain, a charismatic and enthralling candidate, becoming a Republican President of the United States.

The Cain Campaign

A point of diversion in November 2011 caused Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain, with the help of his attorney Lin Wood, to dispel the allegations of sexual harassment. Cain grew in popularity throughout November and December, and entered the Republican primaries as a strong candidate with the support of much of the South. After the collapse of Newt Gingrich's campaign in January, Gingrich dropped out of the race and endorsed Mr. Cain, a fellow Southerner. Although Mitt Romney and Ron Paul won several primaries each, Herman Cain eventually went on to receive the Republican Nomination. He then defeated incumbent President Barack Obama in November 2012, becoming the 45th President.

The Cain Presidency

Herman Cain took the Oath of Office on January 21, 2013, and gave a stirring inaugural address about the need to secure personal liberties, whether from criminals or from an overextensive government. He promised the nation that his famous 9-9-9 plan would soon become law, and pleased conservatives by renouncing suggested plans to restrict the sale of firearms. Cain advocated heightened measures of security in schools and public areas. He also reached across the aisle to liberals by relaxing his criticism of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, actually praising former Presdient Obama. Together with Vice President Chris Christie, Presdient Cain hopes to reach a compromise with the Democrats in Congress to institue tax reforms for the middle class and replace Obama's healthcare act with one more favorable to the private sector.

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