Werner Heisenberg, father of Nuclear weaponry


1. Adolf Hitler puts a lot more money into nuclear research.

2. Major Nazi scientific breakthrough gives them nuclear weapons early.

3. Werner Heisenberg accepts Nazi ideals completely and begins work developing nuclear weapons.

4. Herman Göring is assassinated in 1939 as he attends the Beer Hall Putsch instead of Hitler.

5. Anti-war Republican Wendell Wilkie is elected US president in 1940.



January - Hitler comes to power, and appoints Werner Heisenburg Reichsminister of Science.

March - Wernher Heisenberg made Hauptsturmfuhrer in SS.

August - Operation Wildschwein authorized by Hitler. Research into Nuclear Weapons begins at Neuschwanstein castle under the supervision of Colonel Gunter Meisner.

November - Hindenburg dies in mysterious circumstances. Hitler becomes "Führer".


June - Gestapo agents hunt down and capture Albert Einstein.

August - Einstein arrives at Neuschwanstein bringing the total number of scientists at work there to 37.

December - Hitler authorizes Operation Adler, the long term large scale research into rocket engines under the head of Wernher von Braun.


January - A great purge of all Germany's atomic scientists begins. 6000 people are to be rounded up and imprisoned.

March - Operation Adler's first rocket, the A-1, takes off.

May - Braun's own personally designed rocket, the A-2 is successfully tested at Peenumunde.

June - The A-3 rocket is launched from Peenemunde.

September - The A-3 enters small scale production. 25 are ordered by Hitler.


March - 15 of Neuschwanstein's scientists are taken away and moved to a facility just outside Regensberg.

April - Meisner is summoned to the Berghof, where Hitler complains to him that he is not being productive enough After the meeting, his car crashed and he died instantly. He is replaced by SS Oberfuehrer Karl Wolff.

July - Major breakthrough at Neuschwanstein. But, production of heavy water must begin before any further advances for operation Wildschwein.

August - Berghof conference. Over the course of a week leading SS and army officers are called to the Berghof for a briefing on Hitlers "war plan".

October - Act of Union passed with Austria following an Austrian Nazi "putsch" on Vienna.


January - German troops enter Czechoslovakia after being guaranteed success by Göring, KDW (Kommantuer das Wehrmacht). Germans face strong resistance.

March - German troops finally wipe out all Czechoslovakian resistance.

October - Work begins on the plan for the Haigerloch Projekt, a facility to house all of operation Wildschwein. Wolff is promoted to SS representative, operation Wildschwein. The adjutant of Neushwanstein, Hauptsturmfuhrer Walther Schellenberg is made Kommandant.


March - A site for " The Haigerloch Projekt" is found in and around the village of Mittersill.

April - Work begins in clearing the area around Mittersill and the whole of the valley of which it rests in is marked out as a military base.

July - The scientists at Regensberg are moved to Neuschwanstein were preparations are being made to leave for Mittersill.

August - All 37 scientists are moved to Mittersill, they will live in barracks which are dug into the side of the rock, they are invisible from the air and the side.

December - All equipment is moved to Mittersill.


September - Germany Invades Poland, War begins. Poland surrenders entirely to Germany.

November - Göring is assassinated, Von Rundstedt is made KDW.

Herman Göring (1893 - 1939)


March - Germany invades Denmark and Norway. Denmark surrenders.

May - Germany invades France.

June - France surrenders.

July - Major breakthrough, heavy water begins to arrive from Norway.

August - Norway surrenders.

November - Wendell Wilkie is elected US president


January - Prototype Bomb completed, named Göring.

February - Hitler announces to his generals that he will invade Russia in May.

April - A second prototype, Goebbels is completed.

May - Germany invades Russia.

June - Göring is dropped on Leningrad, completely destroying the city.

July - Goebbels is dropped on Moscow, Stalin is killed along with most of his government. Timoshenko is made leader and sues for peace with Germany.

September - Operation Sealion is finally launched, Britain is invaded along south coast.

October - London is captured.

November - British resistance is fierce, German forces are pushed back to around London.

December - Japan attacks America at Pearl Harbor. Germany decides not to declare war yet.


January - A hydrogen bomb is made, named Hitler.

February - Japan occupies the Midway islands.

March - Hitler tells his generals that he intends to use the bomb against Britain.

May - Hitler dropped on Birmingham.

June - Churchill flees to Canada along with the King. Antony Eden made Prime Minister.

August - Eden surrenders to Germany, Edward, Duke of Windsor is made leader of Britain.


January - All British forces stop fighting.

March - In Ireland, a fascist coup by Eoin O' Duffy makes Ireland allied to Germany.
Eoin O'Duffy

Eoin O'Duffy

June - America begins " island hopping" its way across the Japanese Empire.


February - Germany declares war on Japan

April - President Wilkie dies. Thomas Dewey becomes President and is re-elected that November


April - Japan surrenders to the USA after being invaded using Operation Downfall.


October - Nuremberg trials take place, 34 leading British generals are tried. 19 are executed, the rest have 30 year jail sentences.


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