Charles V, the first Hapsburg Emperor

The timeline of The Habsburgs Shall Prevail is set in a world in where rather than Charles V dividing up his combined Imperial-Spanish realm between his brother Ferdinand, who became Holy Roman Emperor, and his son Philip II, who became the King of Spain, he gives Philip II his entire realm. Thus history is forever changed as Spain and the Habsburgs maintain into the modern day their international prominence, while the geoplitical landscape is forever shifted into the hands of the most powerful family Europa, the Habsburgs. Over the centuries since Charles V. the Hapsburgs have continued to rule over Europe despite the attempts by many foreign and domestic foes to end their reign. Despite what many shall attempt one thing is for sure, the Habsburgs shall prevail!


In OTL, the King of France, Charles VIII, launched an invasion of Italy to make the peninsula a French dominion in 1494, only to be defeated by a league of multiple Italian states lead by Spain under Ferdinand of Aragon. Eventually Charles VIII retreated and tried to recreate his army from a massive mound of debt and made his goal to once again invade Italy. However, on April 7, 1498, while on his way to a tennis match in Chateau d'Amboise, his head was struck accidentally on the lintel of a door, and after viewing the game he returned home where he entered a sudden coma and died nine hours later. Although he would not lead it, his successor Louis XII would later lead a new army into Italy in 1499, in a series of wars in Italy against Spain that would last until 1559, eventually draining both the coffers of France and Spain.

But what if France and Spain didn't fight such a prolonged war, what if instead Charles VIII did not die and recovered enough to lead his army to a second invasion of Italy. An invasion which would allow a victory decisive enough to defeat France that the French do not try to attack it again, thus saving both France and Spain from long-term bankruptcy. Then as Charles V comes to power in Spain in 1516, he is able act well enough to the subsequent events in the Mediterranean that he can unite the Habsburgs under a single line, and allow for him to gather the first of the title, Habsburg Emperor. This timeline explores the events of the subsequent world where everything is changed and the grasp of world power remains in the hand of Spain under the Habsburgs.


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