The Green Menace

It's 1984 and the IRA now has nuclear capability, the leadership are originally reluctant to use them, but some more radical members aren't afraid to flex their muscles.


January 20th

The IRA receive a payload of three 200kt nuclear weapons.

February 3rd

Now that they were in possession of nuclear weapons, the IRA receive a moral boost although they have no intention of using them, Michael Heseltine, Secretary of State for Defence in Margaret Thatcher's government, receives word that the IRA are planning a series of attacks on British military installations in Belfast, telling Margaret Thatcher herself that "The paddies are up to something" Thatcher, a proud woman, states that "This government will not buckle under the pressure of internal threats."

February 10th

Thatcher gives Heseltine complete control on the situation, within the next few weeks British military presence doubles in Northern Island, especially Belfast.

March 15th

The IRA issue several warnings for the British to pull out, but naturally they fall on deaf ears

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