The Green Knight Returns (film version)

Based on the highly successful comic book, the Green Knight Returns, the film version of the TGKR was met with massive critical acclaim in most of the world. However, in New England it was branded as "Anarchist and overly stereotyped." The film was directed by Peter Jackson (director of the critically acclaimed Children of Vermount trilogy and Godzilla '98.)


The film opens at the end of the Vermount War of Independence. Batman has managed to defeat the powerful Man who Laughs, however Vermount is once again under New England's savage heel. However, a greater threat to the world as a whole emerges when the New England scientist Dr. Thrax kidnaps a large number of children from across Vermount. Pursuing the doctor to find the children, Batman is horrifically injured during a battle with the powerful Gravity Man. Dr. Thrax is revealed to be working on a new breed of super soldiers, which if completed, will make New England master of the North American continent. During a desperate raid on Dr. Thrax's lab assisted by LAV troops, Batman manages to kill Gravity Man, but Dr. Thrax escapes, however Batman manages to rescue one of the children, Tanya (who later becomes Batgirl). During the escape, all the LAVs are killed.

Batman with the help of Tanya, manages to track down Dr. Thrax and discovers he is planning to poison Vermount's water using an overhead railway to dump poison into a reservoir in the state. Batman manages to track Dr. Thrax and the two battle furiously, during the fight, Batman is pinned to the ground and Dr. Thrax reveals he wants control of the whole world, not just of New England and North America. Tanya shoots Dr. Thrax, and the two heroes escape, stopping the train, however, in the final sequence, it is revealed Thrax used a clone to deceive Batman.

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