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The Greek Empire (Alexander's sons)

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The Greek Empire
Ελληνική Αυτοκρατορία (Greek) Imperium Graecorum (Latin) امپراتوری یونان (Persian)
Timeline: [[*323 BC- Alexander the Great's Empire falls
  • 306 BC- Alexander I and IV founds The Kingdom of Greece
    • Kingdom of Greece (Until 290 BC)
    • Kingdom of the Greeks (After 290 BC)
  • 6 AD- Antigonus the Great founds The Greek Empire
    • Declared Emperor of the Hellens
  • 113-134 AD- Two Kingdoms Era
    • Northern Kingdom (Greece and Anatolia)
    • Southern Kingdom (Egypt and Syria)
  • 275-401 AD- Greco-Roman Union (Julian and Constantian Dynasties)
  • 330 AD- Constantine the Great reconquers Alexander's Empire in Asia
  • 505 AD- Greco-Asian Split
    • Greek Empire
    • Greco-Persian Empire
  • 632 AD- Fall of the Greco-Persian Empire and loss of Egypt, Syria, and Rome
  • 1204 AD- Sack of Constantinople
  • 1261 AD- Liberation of Constantinople
  • 1453 AD- Fall of Constantinople
  • 1461 AD- Failed reconquest of Constantinople and fall of the Empire of Trezibond]]
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