(The Greater Soviet Empire)
Большая советская империя
Greater Soviet Empire Soviet Coat
Flag Seal
Soviet Map
Location of The Soviet Union

'"The Lord helps those who help themselves"' (Russian/Various)

Anthem "CCCP - Red Army Choir"
Capital Moscow
Largest city St. Petersburgh
Language Russian/Various
Religion None
Government Marxist-Leninism
  legislature A Single-Party Socialist State
Premier Dmitri Baranowski
Area 32,580,853.85 km²
Population 882,195,136 
Established 1917
Currency Soviet Ruble (руб) (SUR)
Internet TLD .su
Organizations Soviet Air Militia

Soviet Red Army

Soviet Naval Alliance


The Greater Soviet Empire or more commonly known as The GSE or "Soviet Union" is a constitutionally socialist state that exists on the continent of Eurasia since 1917.

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