In this alternate timeline I hope to show what would have happened if the German's had won world war two. This will have two main points of divergence. The first is that Hitler allows his generals to run the war in the East and the second is that Hitler doesn't declare war on the Soviets in 1941.


In March 1936 Nazi soldiers move into Austria just after re-occupying the Rhineland. The Nazis are unopposed and Hitler orders the Austrian government to allow Anschluss. Hitler then demands Anschluss with the German speaking people of Czechoslovakia, he sends an ultimatum to the Czechoslovakians, they look towards Britain and France for support but to don't receive any. They do not reply and 48 hours later Hitler gives the order to invade Czechoslovakia. Hitler then signs the Nazi-Soviet pact in December 1936 which mentions nothing about carving up Poland. On February 1937 Hitler demands Anschluss with the German population of Poland, closing the Polish corridor. Three days later both Britain and France send their support for Poland. Poland rejects Hitler's demands and Hitler orders his generals to start a Blitzkrieg to defeat Poland quickly. The Italian leader, Mussolini refuses to join Hitler in his war and cuts ties with the Nazis and goes to Paris to discuss an non-agreement pact. The pact takes two weeks to complete, it gives Italy the Mediterranean Cost of France at the cost of no Italian expansion further into France. Two days later both France and Britain declare war on Nazi Germany. Hitler remarks over a radio broadcast that war would never have come sooner than it should.

The Second World War

1937: The Start of War On 25th February 1937 both Britain and France declared war after Nazi troops occupied Warsaw. Hitler announces that Poland has surrendered when in truth the Polish government were executed. Poland is taken by Nazi Germany who now send out propaganda saying that they are now The Greater German Reich, instead of just Greater Germany. Very few Nazi soldiers are left in Poland and an inventory of everyone's houses is made and all weapons and money is taken. The Polish are forced to adopt Reichsmarks and each Polish man over the age of 25 who is not Jewish is given 2,000 Reichsmarks. On 8th April The Jewish Ghettos are set up and all Jews are moved out of "Traditional Germany", this includes German 1913 borders and Austria. Due to a lack of men, Hitler orders that any man between the ages of 17 and 27 has to join the German Military, Navy or Air Force. These men are quickly and efficiently trained, Hitler orders that 450 U-Boats are to be ready by 1939. France readies its troops but no attack is planned.

The Winter War: 1937 On 2nd December 1937 the Soviet Union send troops into Finland after being outraged by the Nazi invasion of Poland and that it was not discussed in the Nazi-Soviet pact. Stalin orders that Finland is to re-join Russia. However

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