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The Greater Balkan wars (or simply the Balkan wars) are a series of wars in the Balkans. There are Five Balkan wars, taking place in 1912-1918. One Balkan war (the fifth) sparks WWI. There are additional balkan wars in 1980-2000.

The First Balkan War

The Ottoman Empire was rapidly losing power, due to their defeat by the italians during the Italo-Ottoman war in 1912 and the independence of Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Greece. Then Bulgaria broke away too, further decreasing Ottoman power. So in 1912 Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Montenegro in order joined together and formed the Balkan league. They declared war, along with the Albanian rebels and Romania. Russia supported them. They were able to defeat the Ottomans and laid siege to Istanbul by the end of 1912. The defeated Ottomans made peace on January 11, 1913.

The Second Balkan war

The Serbs and Bulgarians had a disagreement over Macedonia. Bulgaria and Serbia both wanted the Macedonian region (other than Greece's part) and Serbia waged war, starting the Second Balkan war. The Greeks also attacked Bulgaria, and later Montenegro would join the Coalition. Romania also declared war, citing concerns about the Bulgarian intentions. In 1913 Albania and Serbia declared war over the region later known as Kosovo. The war ultimately led to no territory changes, but not before the Serbs sacked Tirana. Later that same year due to revolts the Austro-Hungarians decided to free the Croats and Bosnians, and they became Vassals. Then Bosnia broke away from AH influence. The Austro-Hungarians wouldn't retaliate due to threats from Russia. As the Bulgarians were losing on all fronts, The Ottomans declared war, thus sealing Bulgarian defeat. Surrounded on 4 fronts, the Bulgarians sued for peace. The treaty of Sofia was signed. Thrace would be handed over to Greece, and Adrianople was given back to The Ottoman Empire.

Kosovo war

Tensions were rising in Kosovo, as the Albanians felt it was their rightful territory. So Albania declared war on Serbia, then Montengro, and finally was declared war on by Greece and Romania. The Albanians suffered a few defeats, and really had only one victory at the Border with Montenegro. The Serb-Montenegro force approached from the north, the Greeks from the south. The Serbian forces sacked Tirana, and Albania sued for peace. No borders were changed.

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